Alimenta tu piel en verano

Feed your skin in summer

Lately I listen very repeatedly the phrase of "We are what we eat" and I totally agree, but I do not know to what extent we are aware of How the fo...

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Como conseguir una barriga plana

How to get a flat belly

The abdominal zone is the eternal rebel especially for people of apple typology. It is the most dangerous area of ​​accumulating fat, since viscera...

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Tus manos hablan de ti

Your hands talk about you

Your hands become a constant tool of nonverbal communication, their gestures emphasize our verbal expressions and even sometimes say more than our ...

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Recupera la luz del rostro

Recover the face of the face

Today we want to talk about the most famous antioxidant in the world of cosmetics, the one that helps us fight the effects of aging, as we all know...

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Luce unos pies bonitos todo el año

Beautiful feet all year

Summer is the time of the year where we wore the feet more, the sandals return and the feet become protagonists, but we should not forget to take c...

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¿El azúcar envejece?

Does sugar age?

During these years we have become very aware of the damage that abuse of sun exposure, tobacco use can cause to our skin... But Are we aware of how...

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Cambia tu piel a través de la alimentación

Change your skin eating better

If we put more attention in everything we eat and drink during the day, we would have the response of the different solutions we need for our skin....

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Empieza el año con buena piel

The year begins with good skin

We started New Year, an agenda of interesting days to write, all in our hands to do, illusions to fulfill, short and long term purposes ... As the ...

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