Youth is ephemeral, Beauty is eternal

 Maystar was founded in 1984 by the young and restless entrepreneur Jesús Bonan Solé, who began to manufacture depilatory waxes and cosmetic products by hand in the garage of his home.
In Maystar we have raised a flag to the eternal Beauty. With the creation of our philosophy: Vital Beauty.
A company that has more than 140 years of experience to its credit.offers its customers the best formulas at honest prices. With the best protocols. For Beauty to break stereotypes of pressure and be your ally. To taste beauty and not consume it. Because we accompany you at all ages and stages of your life, bringing out the best in you, and above all balancing body, mind and soul.

A simple but ambitious idea

Its idea, as simple as it is ambitious: to satisfy the demands of professional beauty salons with quality products that provide a differential value. This is how Maystar was born.

A revolutionary system

The big breakthrough came in 1991 when he invented and patented the innovative roll-on system that revolutionized the world waxing market and catapulted the company into a process of expansion and internationalization.

Where we are today

Today, Maystar is a leading Spanish company in the professional beauty market, with a competent management team, a laboratory focused on R&D&I, continuous training in the application of protocols, an effective production and logistics capacity and a solid sales network that support our goal of becoming leaders in the beauty sector.