What are the characteristics of mixed skin?

Mixed skin is one that shows notoriously a facial zone, area T, More fat and their lateral faces more balanced in terms of secretion of the sebaceous glands (glands that give the lipid skin that will be part of the epicutaneous emulsion).

In zone t there is greater concentration of this type of glands, therefore it usually happens that it is more fat, more oily and is seen with imastic elements of fatty skin, such as pimples, granites, comedones and unwanted glitters.

In turn there isVarious types of mixed skins Depending on other skin features: Sensitive mixed skins, dehydrated mixed skins, it is very common to see these associated features, cutaneous sensitivity and dehydration will not depend on the lipid grade of the skin

How to care for and treat mixed skin?

Mixed skin needs Cosmetic care daily Since it tends to grease and fall very easily in the facial center (Zone T), where there is a greater density of the cutaneous sebum secretory glands.

These types of skin usually feel "more oily, dirtiest", during Summer times, Like fat skins. Above all we should not jump the first cleaning step and we will do it Every day in the morning and at night.

Mixed skin needs basic cosmetic care such as moisturizing the skin and cleaning it. And it will be treated with cosmetics very similar to the one we suggest for fatty skins.

The best facial routine for mixed skin

This type of skin is usually very common. You need a cosmetic daily care and Skincare we have a perfect routine for your care.

Hydrate mixed skin

Mixed skin also needs to be hydrated, especially when it comes to adult skin, where the correct hydration is a way to preserve healthy and pretty skin, providing the ability of elasticity, luminosity and turgion, signs of integrity and cutaneous health.

Moisturizing creams for mixed skin

From Skincare we can offer several creams very well indicated for this type of skin. The Revitalizing illuminator cream. of Cellular Expression Vit. C.. With a perfect moisturizing and illuminating composition such as hyaluronic acid, ultrahydrating sugars, alantoin, vitamin C. and bisabolol.

Another excellent option for adult mixed skins that need a contribution of antioxidant active principles is the Revitalizing Firming Cream Caviar Therapyor Biorelax Anti-age Treatment of Synergy Lift Cream which also has active ingredients that produce a "cosmetic facelift" cumulative.

And if the skin needs a boost oxygenation and fresh air recommend Hydrovect Essential Oxygen Cream with allantoin, hyaluronic acid, plankton extract, vitamin E and algae Durvillea Atlantic, all of them excellent oxygenating, moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients.

This type of cosmetic so versatile, can be applied in the morning, after facial cleansing or can be used as a night cream.

Actives concentrated

The contribution of active ingredients in the skin is very important, therefore, in Skincare we have different types of séums adapted to the needs of each skin. They apply at night or in the morning Single or before moisturizing cream.

Sérums for mixed skin

The cosmetic shape inFacial Sérum It is ideal for these skin types, as they are very light and evanescent.

In Skincare we have several perfectly indicated products that in addition to hydratingly provide active ingredients according to the needs of the skin.

In cases of Ripe skins We recommend the Biorelax Lifting Sérum by Synergy Lift, our star product, a Sérum with active ingredients moisturizing and tensioners that grant the skin an immediate and cumulative effect of rejuvenation luminosity. Ideal to be applied before makeup.

If we need a contribution of antioxidants, moisturizers and reaffirming the perfect product is the reaffirming serum of therapy caviar, a rapid-action cosmetic with very resolutive active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, plant origin squalene, vitamin E and the extract of caviar. A Pool of youth for the skin.

What if It is a young mixed skinIn Skincare we have the Sérum illuminator of Cellular Expression Vit. C., with a very light texture of rapid extension with moisturizing agents, tensioners and antioxidants ideal for skins that from an early age begin with the use of cosmetics.

Tonics on mixed skin

The feeling of receiving on the skin is very pleasant for the application of a Facial or Mist tonic. They are aqueous solutions that mostly refresh the skin and claman. We advise its use after facial cleaning

Skincare tonics are very well tolerated by all skin types.

Essential Face has facial tonic, With moisturizing and refreshing ingredients such as rose water and glycerol.

On the other hand for skins with some sensitivity, we can choose the Essential Oxygen MIST of the Hydrovect line with active oxygenating and soothing principles and the thermal toning water of our sensitive sensitive line with decongest and moisturizing assets.

Facial cleaning for mixed skin

It is definitely essential clean the skin every day, In the morning and evening. Already with this first step the skin changes notoriously. Especially when it comes to skins with the degree of lipidization above normal, as is the case of mixed skins.

Facial cleaners for mixed skin

In Skincare we have several recommended options for proper facial hygiene in these skin types.

Very light emulsions O / W (oil in water), of very simple application. Within the Sensitive Line, the emulsion remarkable toning, with decongestive and soothing agents, the balancing emulsion of the oil line balance with exfoliating and soothing active ingredients and within the Essential Face emulsion, with rose water and glycerol, perfect To calm and moisturize the skin.

In the event that the skin presentepochs of greater greasy, As it is during the summer, it is also a good option to apply the cleaner gel of the oil balance, a soap type gel very well tolerated by the skin, which cleans more deeply when necessary and can be perfectly combined with the use of Our emulsions applying it in the morning or at night. It is a perfect combination.

Another highly recommended and simple option to use is our micellar water of Essential Face for mixed skins, with glycerol in its composition, agent with high hydration power.

Exfoliating for mixed skins

Cutaneous exfoliation is an interesting step to introduce into the care of mixed skin. We advise you to do it twice a week, as long as the skin does not present any inflammatory injury like red granites or pustules (pus granites).

In Skincare we have several cosmetics Facial exfoliators Depending on the degree of skin sensitivity.

For More sensitive skins We recommend from our Optimal Renewal line the Anti-Ageing Peeling Powder combined with the Anti-Ageing Micellar Water of the same line. This product performs a very soft enzymatic exfoliation and therefore very well indicated for reactive skins.

In the case of more resistant skins, use twice a week from ESSENTIAL FACE FACE FACIAL FACIAL FACIAL SCFOLTY SCRUB.

Masks for mixed skins

It is very interesting to introduce the extra contribution of a facial mask In the weekly routine. In fact we advise your application after facial exfoliation, twice a week. In this way we are performing a perfect and complete skin care.

There are several options that we can offer in terms of masks, it will depend on the needs of the skin.

For more mature skins we have a mask with "Lifting cosmetic" effect of Synergy Lift, Biorelax Lifting Mask and with the mask of our anti-Ageing line and reaffirming therapy caviar, the extra firming mask.

And if it is a younger mixed skin we recommend the Mousse Mousse Illuminator of Cellular Expression Vit. C, Excellent product to hydrate and illuminate the skin.

How to know if my skin is fat or mixed?

Actually mixed skin is a skin that presents greater sebaceous secretion in the facial area, we would then say that it is a variant of fatty skin.

How to know if I have mixed skin? In these skin types it is very clear to see greater "dirt" or oleosity in the facial center (Zone T) area, and less greasy on the lateral faces. Mixed skin is a fat but more localized skin. The two can be treated with the same type of cosmetics.