In Skincare we have several facial hygiene products adapted to Needs of each skin type.

Within our wide range of different cosmetic forms we offer from micellar waters, gels to emulsions.

Facial cleaning at home with MayStar products

Cleaning the skin with cosmetics In addition to being a healthy custom, it allows to optimize the functions of the rest of cosmetics that we apply, moisturizing cosmetics, tonic, exfoliating and masks.

Cosmetic forms forPerform a basic facial hygiene:


It is a light emulsion with water from roses and glycerol. Regulator of cutaneous pH and moisturizing. Fit for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

  • Cleaning emulsion toning of the sensitive line

It is a light emulsion with very decongestive and soothing active ingredients. Also indicated for a wide range of skin types.

  • Cleaning emulsion Balancing of the Line Oil Balance

This emulsion is ideal to be applied in skins with the high level of lipidization, for more fat skins. It contains in its azeloglycin composition, the union of two very interesting components for these skin types. On the one hand the glycine as a moisturizing component and by another the azelaic acid, a component that acts as a regulator of the sebaceous gland, as antibacterial and as a regulator of the skin keratinization.

  • Oil Cleaner Gel Balance

This product is very well indicated for seborrheic skins. Also with azeloglycin in its composition. It can be applied tomorrow and night according to the needs of the skin.

  • Micellar waters.

In Skincare we have two micellar waters of very easy application. On the one hand Anti-Ageing Micella Water of the Renewal Optimal Line, with growth factors of vegetable origin, with repairman and on the other hand the Micellar Water of Essential Face with moisturizing function by containing glycerol in its composition. They are indicated for all skin types. Ideal for men for its simple mode of use.

  • Facial Lotion Oil Balance of Essential Face

Fully created product for seborreic skins by the presence of AHA's in its formulation. It is also indicated for chest and back areas in cases that appear some inestgetic elements of seborrheic skins such as granites, pustules (pus granites) and comedones (black dots).

Best Exfoliants for Full Facial Cleaning

We can also introduce inside the facial cleaning kit our Exfoliating products, which we recommend performing twice a week. In this way we will complete the basic facial hygiene routine.

In Skincare we have several types of cosmetic exfoliaters according to the type of skin.

For sensitive skins or with red-type granite injuries or pustlas

  • Anti-Ageing Peeling PowderFrom the line with Renewal optimal growth factors, which is mixed with the Optimal Renewal Micellar Water Anti-Ageing.

For skins without signs of sensitivity

  • Eascential Face Easy Scrub Exfoliating. Excellent product to perform a very resolutive mechanical exfoliation.

How is the perfect daily facial routine?

The Steps of daily facial cleaningThey are very simple and essential for good skin care.

The ideal is to clean the facial skin in the morning and at night. It is very important to completely remove the skin hygiene cosmetic with water. We recommend after the use of hygiene cosmetics the application of a tonic or mist such as the Thermal toning water of the sensitive line or essential Oxygen MIST of the HDROVECT line.

And if we want to improve the routine of a true facial cleaning and make it more complete and healthy, we recommendintroduce the use of our Exfoliating.

How to use a facial cleaner gel?

The use of cleaners as the Cleaner Gel Oil Balance Line It is ideal to be applied in the morning and at night in skins, especially fat or seborrheic. It is very easy application and very resolutive in these skin types.

How to apply a gel the oil cleaner gel balance?

First your hands are moistened with water, small amount of the product is applied in the palm of your hand and rubs it up to a soapy foam. It is applied to the skin performing circles up and out. Rinse with plenty of warm water.