What is a cosmetic for the eye contour? In Skincare we have several cosmetics specially designed for this area of ​​the face and its purpose is to hydrate in depth, produce skin tension reaffirming the skin and give an elasticity so that the skin, when performing the natural gesture, does not form superficial wrinkles And that the deepest light and beautiful.

The best eye contour for each age

No doubt this type of cosmetic, indicated for such a delicate area, should be carefully formulated, in terms of fragrances, preservatives, assets and pigments. In Skincare we carry out a special selection and concentration of said components.

We recommend that you start using a Good eye contour product from 30-35 years Since it is an excellent way to prevent small wrinkles, let's not forget that this area is very prone, since the orbinous muscles of the eyes are very strong and are constantly moved by natural gestures such as when we smile.

The line Caviar Therapy. account, without a doubt, with The best eye contour if you are between 30 and 40 years old: Eye Contour Mask and Eye Contour Cream. It is very interesting since it has in its composition very effective active principles to treat this type of skin so delicate and which in turn tends to the early appearance of gestual wrinkles. The caviar extract, a true concentrate of nutrients that reaffirms, moisturizes and grants the necessary elasticity for the prevention of early wrinkles.

If you have between 40, 50 The best cosmetic for eye contour is the line Synergy Lift.: Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream. This line has as its main objective to produce the Effect of "cosmetic lifting" cumulative. Almost all of its components are focused on producing cutaneous tension and also to grant the skin elasticity and hydration Necessary to minimize more superficial wrinkles and improve existing ones. And if you have done some aesthetic medical treatment in this area, Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream It is perfect for the effects to be more durable.

Also note that these products can be combined perfectly and in this way the skin will receive the sum of active ingredients of our two more top antiageing lines, Caviar Therapy and Synergy Lift.

Masks and creams for eye contour

Our anti-aging line Therapy caviar has two perfect cosmetics for the eyes area.

The interesting thing is that it is a real treatment for this area. It has one Mask for the eye contour And with a cream to accompany the cosmetic effects of the mask.

1- Eye Contour Mask It is the first step, it is applied on clean skin and is allowed to act for 15 minutes. The time necessary for the active ingredients of the line to settle on the skin, active tension, moisturizers and wetting.

2- Then it is gently removed and the Cream for the periocular area With a soft circular massage and left over the skin.

We advise its use after 35, it is an excellent way to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Dry and wrinkled eye contour

The best way to recover part of the health of the skin when it is very dehydrated and has thin and deep wrinkles is the contribution of cosmetics specifically designed to treat these antisthetical injuries as common either both in women and men.

The constancy in the use of cosmetics is essential to see the results that are cumulative and durable.

In Skincare we have two lines that have cosmetics for the Eye contour moisturizer Of very simple application and high power resolutive.

On the one hand, Eye Contour Mask. Y Eye Contour Cream of Caviar Therapy. A perfect duo to perform a perfect shock treatment for a few weeks.

And how Anti-wrinkle eye contour You can choose from our Synergy Lift line with Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream. This cosmetic has a very complete and interesting composition for the skin that surrounds the eyes. The snake tripet next to the Crispus Chondrus perform a skin tension as a true "cosmetic lift" with immediate and cumulative effect. And the butter of Karité with high emollient power and microircase attenuator that together with hyaluronic acid form an implacable duo at the time of hydrating the skin and treating the wrinkles already installed.

And we give you a tip: This treatment for the zone of the eye contour is also indicated for the Zone of the lips. Its effects are incredible.

Do you suffer antisthetics bags in the eyes?

The bags in the area of ​​the eyes are a very frequent problem and very difficult treatment.

We offer you an ideal cosmetic to help improve this problem: Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream, It is the perfect cosmetic to minimize this problem. It's really a one Effective eye contour Since it counts on its formulation with a very interesting ingredient that is responsible for stimulating and draining the microcirculation of the skin.

We advise your use twice a day and for a few months to see results.