It is essential that you use a good product Cleaning for the face and eyes To make sure that the skin has been clean in depth.

In Skincare we have specific cutaneous hygiene products, different make-up textures to clean the face and a Specific remackage for the area area.

What types of makeup are there?

In Skincare we have to offer you many types of cosmetic products withdrawn ideal to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

On the one hand our milks or COMMULTING EMULSIONS. Excellent cosmetics to really clean your skin quickly and effectively. In our Sensitive Sensitive Skins line you can find the removing toning emulsion, with soothing and decongest approaches indicated for all types of skins.

Another perfect option if you are looking for a Milk withmock It is the remarkable emulsion of Essentials that contains water from roses in its composition that will also help regulate the cutaneous pH.

We also have a very interesting product specific to the area of ​​the eyes in case you make the makeup. Is he Bodybagbler From the therapy caviar line, Biphasic Eye Make-up Remover, it is stirred before your application and you will see that easy is made to make up.

Skincare also has Mice removal waters Of very easy application, we recommend our last launch of the Essential Line the micellar water with glycerol as a moisturizing and protective component.

And for younger skins and / or more fat we offer you the cleaner gel of the Oil Balance Care line. Is a Dressing gel or remarkable soap With specific active ingredients to regulate the sebum on your skin, azeloglycin. If you tie the eye zone, our recommendation is:

Apply El Eye Make-up Remove of therapy caviar.

Apply El Oil Cleaner Gel Balance, avoiding the eye area.

Better cracking for seborrheic skins or very fat

If you skin is very fat and notes The appearance of some granite injury, black dot or pimple We recommend, without a doubt, our emulsion remarkable balance of oil balance CARE with Ázeloglycina, perfect active principle for these types of skins.

Another excellent option for after removing your makeup with the balancing remarkable emulsion, if you had very fat skin, is the eSsentials Facial Lotion Balance of Essentials, with AHA, which will help to clean more in depth your skin.

What make-up is better for Waterproof tabs?

The Waterproof remarkableFrom Skincare Eye Make-up Remover, from Caviar Therapy, achieves a perfect retreat since it manages to perfectly wrap the water resistant makeup.

And how to remove the tabs correctly? Yes, we know that sometimes it is difficult to make it difficult to make the tabs correctly. You just have to embed a baston in our Eye Make-up Remove and go little by little removing the makeup of your eyes. Do it delicately until the baston comes out clean.

How and when is it recommended to get out of touching?

We always recommend withdrawing makeup before bed. The skin does not tolerate well rest with makeup.

Also during the night we advise you apply Facial creams and moisturizing cosmetics or Anti-ageing cosmetics. In Skincare we have Sérums and creams very well tolerated and resolutive.

If your skin is young you can provide vitamin C with Cellular Expression Vit C, o The Azelaic Acid of our Line Oil Balance Care. If what you are looking for is aanti-wrinkle effect, anti-aging You can choose our lines Caviar Therapy, Optimal Renewal. And if what you are looking for is a Effect of cosmetic lifting, No doubt Synergy Lift will cover your expectations.

It is essential that at the time of cleaning your skin using our facial removals notes your clean skin without any rest of makeup. It is ideal for the use of our Tonic or soothing and refreshing mists To close this step as important as skin hygiene is.