We advise from Skincare a daily skin care routine. The Facial exfoliators They apply two to three times a week depending on the type of skin.

In Skincare we have several types of exfoliators. On the one hand the exfoliating double peeling renewal of our line Glycosure Care, the purifying exfoliating gel of the Line Oil Balance, the Scrub Facial Exfoliating of Essential and the Anti-Ageing Peeling Powder Peeling of Optimal Renewal that we recommend it mainly for sensitive or very reactive, or for skins that have red-aged or yellowish granites (pustula type).

The exfoliating for each type of skin

Not all Facial Exfoliants are worth for all types of skin. Ideally, an aesthetic professional recommends it after evaluating what kind of skin you have and what is the best exfoliating for its characteristics. Facial exfoliants should be applied from two to three times a week.

The Best Facial Exfoliating for Fat or Mixed Skin That does not present sensitivity, neither redness, ni granites is the mechanical Facial Exfoliating Gel Purifying Exfoliating of Oil Balance, the double peeling renewal of our Glycosure Care line and the Essential Scrub Facial Exfoliating. Ideally, it is applied with small circular massages throughout the facial zone and for approximately three minutes. Always remove with water.

The Most recommended facial exfoliating In cases of Sensitive skins or very reactive, It is the Anti-Ageing Peeling Powder of Optimal Renewal, which performs a very soft enzymatic peel and that is ideal for these skin types. It is applied very simple, mixing the powder phase with anti-ageing micel water of the same line to form a foam, it is applied and allowed to act.

In the case of dry skin or with little fat component, we recommend performing the exfoliation gently, since it is a more fragile skin for having its protection barrier affected by dehydration. The Facial Exfoliating that we recommend in this case is the Anti-Ageing Peeling Powder of Optimal Renewal. Apply with much frequently Skincare moisturizing cosmetics, free of mineral oils and high resolutive and cumulative power.

Exfoliation in mixed skin is ideal to place it emphasizing zone t, the most fat area of ​​the face with one of our mechanical peelings, double peeling renovation or eSsential Scrub Facial Exfoliating.

Do you know our exfoliating purifier gel?

In Skincare we have a cosmetics specially indicated for very fat skins, the Line Oil Balance. Has an exfoliating mechanical type, the Purifying Exfoliating Gel. It also contains in its active azelaic acid composition, indicated for these skin types by regulating the secretion of the glands that give grease to the skin (sebaceous glands).

East Facial exfoliating gel It is very easy to apply. And we recommend its use two or three times per week as long as the skin does not present inflamed or red-blown or reactive skin bluffs.

Benefits of exfoliation the face usually

Within the weekly routine of skin care is very noticeable the result when applied Facial exfoliants.

Exfoliate the face It is a very good habit since little by little the skin is going and softening to be able to give way to a better penetration of the active principles that the skin needs to receive. Moisturizing assets, anithoxidants, regulators of the excretion of cutaneous fat, illuminators, etc.

Keep in mind making a good choice of this type of cosmetic. Applies mechanical exfoliants, type Scrub, if your skin is normal, which does not present sensitivity features or injuries. In these cases it chooses lighter exfoliators such as the Optimal Renewal peeling Powder that is an enzymatic peel.

There are manyBenefits for the health of the skin with the use of a facial exfoliator. 

To complete and make weekly skin care a true treatment for the skin, we recommend after the application of theExfoliating on the face, The application of a mask that you choose to have according to your type of skin, as it contains in its composition a concentration of ideal active ingredients.

What are chemical and mechanical exfoliaters?

There are several types of exfoliating, chemical exfoliating and mechanical scrub.

TheFacial chemical exfoliants They are used more frequently in centers of aesthetics or aesthetic medicine. Its formulations are based on alpha hydroxy acids and other types of acids that act at the chemical level in the surface cells of the skin. What should be taken into account in this type of treatment?.

It is very important to avoid solar exposure in case a professional aesthetic treatment is being carried out with these types of Chemical exfoliants. The sessions will be carried out as often as the professional, will depend on the type of acid that applies, of its concentration and pH. In Skincare we have an alpha hydroxy acid concentrate, the concentrate professional use renewal of the Glycosure Care line.

Mechanical exfoliants are those that act mechanically on the skin. They usually have in their composition microparticles that by friction the most superficial layer of the epidermis are refining. They are not advisable in cases that the skin is very sensitive, with tendencies to the appearance of rimmer or that present inflammatory lesions as granites. In Skincare there are several types of double peeling renovation of our line Glycosure Care, the purifying exfoliating gel of the SCRUB Facial Exfoliating ESSENTIAL.

And on the other hand Skincare we have a very interesting product that is the anti-Ageing Peeling Powder of Optimal Renewal, which is indicated for sensitive, reactive skins and that may present some inflammatory element such as red granites or fur pus more youths.