In Skincare we have several types ofmasks for the area of ​​the face. A set of products that we also recommend combining them with our Facial Sérums Anti-aging or antioxidants, Moisturizers, anti-mining, reaffirming and illuminators that also have a high concentration of assets. In this way we will achieve a synergy of assets indicated for different skin problems.

Our masks are applied in very thin layers, are very easy to apply.

Skincare hasOxygenating masks for Oily skin or young, like the face mask of the Hydrovect Essential Oxygen Ice Mask,masks with ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid As CELLULAR CELLULAR EXPRESSION VITAMINE C. Mousse. It is also an excellent fat mask, depigmenting masks like the Purifying and purifying mask of Whitening Care., Regenerative masks like Optimal Renewal, tensor masks like Biorelax Lifting Mask of Synergy Lift wave Mask from the Caviar Therapy collection.

Moisturizing masks.

Cutaneous hydration is one of the most important qualities that cosmetics complies in general. A good cutaneous hydration promotes a skin whose protection barrier is integrates, gives the skin a special elasticity that prevents flaccidity, the formation of superficial wrinkles and notoriously improves the deeper wrinkles.

There are several ways to hydrate the skin. On the one hand with the constant use of hydrating creams and Sérums And on the other hand, the contribution of active ingredients moisturizing and moisturizers with the use of facial hydrating masks applied frequently (twice a week).

Within Las More moisturizing masks. For the face we find several in Skincare.

If what you need is to hydrate your skin we recommend the extra mask reaffirming the therapy caviar line, the anti-ageing repair mask of Optimal Renewal, Biorelax Lifting Mask of Synergy Lift, the mask Mousse Cellular Expression Vit C, all with Its specific assets and objectives and also all with moisturizers.

The best facial mask for your skin type

Which is theBest mask for your skin type? Undoubtedly, before buying a facial mask, a correct cosmetic diagnosis made by a good aesthetic professional is recommended. Especially to observe whether the skin is fat, aliple, sensitive, if it is necessary to hydrate, if it is a skin with a predisposition to the appearance of spots or the appearance of wrinkles.

Without a good observation of the skin and a good cosmetic diagnosis until The best market mask It may not go well. For this reason it is that our cosmetics is in the hands of excellent professionals and you can always ask ourselves about the doubts about the skin.

The skin little by little, by several physiological and environmental factors, is aging as our entire organism. And the healthiest thing is to introduce ejacked and safe cosmetics. Keep in mind, if you're 35 years old, to introduce ourAntiety masks o Antioxidants twice a week to reinforce hydration, elasticity, soften the texture and promote the firmness of the skin. Skincare's top lines assure you this special care, Caviar Therapy., Synergy Lift. Y Optimal Renewal. Accompany them with the continuous use of the Sérums of the same lines. You will quickly notice its cosmetic effect.

Facial masks for men

No doubt that more and more men take care of the skin. And in Skincare we also think about them.

The Skin of man. Requires care similar to women's skin. So that it looks clean and healthy he needs a daily hygiene, hydration, protection, twice a week of a slight exfoliation accompanied by an ideal mask for these skin types. It is a routine that little by little they can be introduced.

In Skincare we have several very resolutive products and very well tolerated by male sex. There are several ideal lines.

On the one hand Hydrovect, which is a very light, oxygenating, soothing and moisturizing line. Ideal for applying after shaving, our recommendation is to apply the Oxygen Mist. and then EL. Gel Repair, It is a perfect duo to calm and decongest the skin.

On the other hand Caviar Therapy. that has a Ideal mask for men Since it contains in its composition very interesting assets such as alantoin, a rapid cutaneous regenerator, peptides with tensor effect and the caviar extract that maintains the vitality of the skin and moisturizes deeply.