In Skincare we have several lines that contain Facial creams Y Sérums with lifting effect cosmetic. Our two TOP lines focused on reaffirming the skin are: Caviar Therapy and Synergy Lift.

We can consider them Cream for wrinkles Thanks to this effect of Immediate Lift.. We do everything at a time, our cosmetics is resolutive from a first application, but without a doubt the best result is the cumulative.

How to combat flaccidity and facial shut-off?

Skin flaccidity is one of the most frequent reasons for the aesthetic centers and the search for the best facial reaffirming effect, the most repeated question.

In Skincare, as manufacturers of actuation protocols against several skin problems, we have thought about creating two specially indicated lines for the flaccidity of the face.

On the one hand we recommend the Lines caviar therapy.Which provides reaffirming active principles, moisturizing and antioxidants (anti-aging) and on the other hand Synergy Lift our premium line in producing "cosmetic lifting".

The two lines have Sérums and creams for your daily application and other professional use cosmetics as Blisters, with assets at higher concentration.

For greater effectiveness, we suggest the weekly application of the Facial masks Of the two lines, the extra firming therapy caviar mask with reaffirming and anti-Ageing and Biorelax LIFTING MASK effects with "cosmetic lift" effects. In this way you will reinforce the reaffirming effects, tensioners and moisturizers.

We invite you to look for a Skincare Reference Center to accompany the care of your face of the face at home with the support of an aesthetic professional.

What is a facial lifting? Why are Lifting Cream and Sérums called?

What is a facial lifting? A facial lifting is a surgical intervention where a muscular tension of the face is performed to correct the visible signs of aging and skin flaccidity.

In Skincare we have designed a range of products to perform a "cosmetic lifting" similar to the effects of medical intervention, but adapted for people who do not want to attend this intervention.

The daily use of these cosmetics, accompanied by aesthetic treatments or aesthetic medicine are less invasive than surgery and help to return the firmness of the skin.

Our premium line in cutaneous tension is Synergy Lift, which is composed of a set ofEffective cosmetics with "lifting" effects.

We have introduced into its composition Tensioning active principles par excellence such as: Viper's tripeptide (biotechnological origin), which produces a notorious cumulative tensioning effect, the aminocontraxil that also performs an effective synergy with the tensioning peptides.

Lines of expression and wrinkles, better products to combat them

Undoubtedly one of the most important functions of cosmetics is cutaneous hydration.

A properly hydrated skin will grow older than a dehydrated skin. Since an optimal hydration gives the skin a perfect turgor and elastic capacity that avoids the formation of wrinkles and gives the skin a soft texture.

It is very important in an anti-wrinkle cream an immediate effect of Stuffing wrinkles. And this cosmetic effect so desired by the users of our Skincare cosmetics we achieved by the introduction in our cosmetics of the well-known hyaluronic acid. This type of hyaluronic acid, due to its high molecular weight, produces a very notorious and resolutive effect, is the Best type of hyaluronic acid for wrinkle filling Surface

How to know if my skin is mature?

There are two great types of cutaneous aging, on the one hand the chronological aging of the skin that is natural and healthy aging and on the other hand, premature aging or photo-aging, which is triggered by influence to environmental factors, being solar exposure The most important that produces very inestgetic lesions such as spots, dehydration, wrinkles and flaccidity.

When is the ideal time to use anti-wrinkle creams?

This is a very frequent question of our clients. The ideal time is after 35 years. When the hormonal changes begin in some way and the skin begins to notice them.

But it is so important to ask the time to start with anti-wrinkle cosmetics as to take care of the skin from an early age. Already on young skin we should clean, exfoliate and hydrate the skin as a way to keep it healthy. These basic care are as important in a young skin like Take care of mature skin.

And undoubtedly the extreme care against the sun is very important to avoid unwanted inestgetic injuries, such as spots, flaccidity and wrinkles, typical characteristics of the cutaneous photo involution.

How is mature skin hydrated?

The skin in general is hydrated with the consecutive use of moisturizing cosmetics. In Skincare we have that all our lines contain very moisturizing active ingredients (which provide hydration to the natural mantle of the skin) and moisturizers (which prevent transepidermal water loss).

With these two types of active ingredients, we avoid the formation of wrinkles, we give it elasticity and turgor to the skin, resulting in a very healthy skin.

The active principles to contribute hydration

The active ingredients to provide hydration and therefore epidermal regeneration are:

  • The growth factors of our Renewal Optimal Line (of vegetable origin), large regenerators of aged skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid, active ingredient in many of our lines, by being of high cutaneous compatibility and high hydration power. Our lines that contain it are: Synergy Lift, Caviar Therapy, Cellular Expression Vit C., Hydrovect, Oil Balance, Optimal Renewal and Sensitive,
  • Sugar complexes.
  • Squalene (of vegetable origin) incorporated in also present in many of our lines.

It is as important to hydrate and take care of the skin against the sun's rays so much of adulthood and young age. That's why we recommend using daily Facial sunscreens.