What causes cellulite?

Is directly linked with hormonal changes For this reason it is that many times it appears in puberty or pregnancy.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a pathology of adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat tissue) that is manifested on the skin by showing it irregular, bulky, with small depressions. Known as "orange skin"Appearing generally in bodily areas such asbuttocks and side face of the thighs.

On the one hand there is some alteration in fat accumulations and on the other hand, as adipocytes do not correctly comply with their drainage, these cells are inflamed, increase their normal size and increase their rigidity by interfering with the circulation of liquids.

What we commonly know as cellulite (removing medical cellulite caused by a bacterial infection) is an only aesthetic problem.

The four phases of cellulite

Grade 1: The "orange skin" is not observed yet.

Grade 2: The "orange skin" appears when we make a pinch in the affected area.

Grade 3: The "orange skin appears standing.

Grade 4: The "orange skin" is permanent.

What foods worsen cellulite?

Undoubtedly a correct feeding will help cellulite do not exceed another degree, aggravating the appearance of the affected area.

We are not nutritionists but if we have clear that food should be avoided so as not to worsen cellulite:

  • Refined flours.
  • Sugars
  • Salt.
  • Fritties.
  • Sausages
  • Etc.

How is a good anti-cellulite treatment?

A true anti-cellulite treatment consists of several tools to put into action to see improvements and put it brake, and that it does not happen from one stadium to another, avoiding its evolution to more inestgetal stadiums.

Points to keep in mind that favor the worsening of cellulite:

  • Bad nutrition. Little food intake with fibers.
  • Bad circulation.
  • Intake of certain hormones that aggravate cellulite.
  • Use very tight clothes.
  • Sedentary life.
  • Smoking
  • Stress.
  • Bad rest.
  • Do not take care of the affected area with specific cosmetics for this problem.

And at this last point it is where Skincare, as a manufacturer of cosmetics and application protocols, wants to emphasize.

What is the best anti-cellulite cream?

The use of specific cosmetics is essential to brake and improve cellulite. In Maystar Skincare we have two perfect treatments, that can also be combined to provide different active ingredients and create an effective anti-cellulite protocol. We recommend the application of our anti-cellulite creams twice a day and always performing massages with knuckles in the affected area. The anti-cellulite creams are:

  • The Intensive Reducing Cream of Sensory Nature, With perfectly indicated active ingredients such as the Fucus vesiculosus with draining properties.
  • The Essential Body Reducing Anti-Celebrity Cream, with caffeine and vitamin E, also pregnant and antioxidant active ingredients.

MayStar Council to reduce cellulite:

Another very good option is Perform a mechanical exfoliation twice a week Before entering the shower. The Mechanical exfoliators They comply with the important function of slightly refining the cornea layer, the most surface layer of the skin.

In this way, in addition to activating surface microcirculation, the active ingredients present in our anti-cellulite creams will be more effective. From Skincare we recommend the ESSENTial Body Energy Body Exfoliating.

How to combat flaccory cellulite?

When cellulite sits in tissue where there is also skin flaccidity, it is very important to take into account treat cellulite as such and also Treat the skin.

From Skincare we recommend our health advice and our cellulite cosmetic care protocol.

We recommend that you also Visit yourself your trusted beautician to evaluate your problem. There are several types of apparologies that treat cellulite, presotherapy, endermology, manual lymphatic drainage massage, etc., and skin flaccidity such as radiofrequency, electroporation, etc.