Synergy Lift is for you if... 

you need a tightening or "cosmetic lifting" effect from the age of 30-35, depending on the needs and conditions of each skin.

We recommend its use from the age of 35. 

Features of the Synergy Lift Collection

It is an anti-aging line made up of several products indicated to produce cosmetic lifting" with immediate effect, cumulative and long-lasting effect.


-Immediate and cumulative lifting effect.

-Moisturizes, tightens and firms the facial skin.

-Reduces and smoothes superficial wrinkles.

-Diminishes expression lines.

-Combats aging of the dermis.

-Protects cellular DNA.

Active ingredients to highlight

Synergy Lift has a composition focused on achieving a "cosmetic lifting" effect above all, but it also contains antioxidant, moisturizing, regenerating and draining active ingredients.

  • Viper venom tripeptide -- This is one of the most significant active ingredients in the line. It acts like cosmetic botulinum toxin (Botox®).
  • Bioslim® -- Stimulates superficial circulation. Increases water retention capacity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid -- High skin moisturizing power. It acts at a superficial level due to its high molecular weight, achieving an immediate spongy and turgid effect on the skin.
  • Aminocontraxyl® Complex-- A set of amino acids that produce a smoothing of the skin. With cumulative effect.
  • Caffeine -- Stimulates superficial circulation with draining effect.
  • Alfabisabolol -- Soothing, anti-redness and soothing.
  • Soft Focus -- Produces an optical effect on the skin that gives it luminosity.
  • Allantoin -- High and fast skin regeneration power.
  • Argan -- Antioxidant agent.

How and when to use it?

Synergy Lift is a line that has several products to combine and enhance its effects.

- Biorelax Lifting Serum. To be applied morning and/or night according to the needs of the skin and before makeup for its tightening effect.

- Biorelax Lifting Mask. To be applied twice a week. Preferably after skin exfoliation.

- Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream. To be applied at night.

- Biorelax Lifting Cream SPF 15. To be applied in the morning.

- Excellence Anti-age Treatment Cream. Can be applied morning and/or evening according to the skin's needs.

TIP: We recommend applying the products with gentle, upward and outward strokes and the use of a sunscreen with SPF 30-50.

Synergy Lift can be combined with:

All Skincare lines. Since it is an anti-aging line, we suggest you combine it with Caviar Therapy, Cellular Expression Vit. C, Optimal Renewal, Essential Face.

Synergy Lift is ideal to accompany medical-aesthetic treatments.