Synergy Lift is for you if ...

You need a tensioning or "cosmetic lifting" effect from 30-35 years, according to the needs and conditions of each skin.

We recommend its use after 35 years.

Features of the Synergy Lift collection

It is an anti-line line composed of several products indicated to produce "cosmetic lifting" of immediate, cumulative and durable effect.


• Immediate and cumulative lifting effect.

• Hydrates, tense and reaffirms the skin of the face.

• Reduce and smooth surface wrinkles.

• Decrease the expression lines.

• Combat the aging of the dermis.

• Protects cellular DNA.

Active principles to stand out

SYNERGY LIFT has a composition focused on performing a "cosmetic lifting" effect above all, but also has active antioxidant, moisturizing, regenerating and draining principles.

  • Viper poison tripptide - It is one of the most significant assets of the line. It acts as the botulinum (Botox®) toxin cosmetic.
  • Bioslim® - Stimulates surface circulation. Increase water retention capacity.
  • Hyaluronic acid - High power of cutaneous hydration. It acts at a superficial level by its high molecular weight, achieving an effect of spongy and turgidity of the immediate skin.
  • AMINOCONTRAXYL® complex- Set of amino acids that produce a smoothing of the skin. With cumulative effect.
  • Caffeine - Stimulates the surface circulation with draining effect.
  • Alfabisabolol. - Soothing, antirojeces and suvabi.
  • Soft Focus. - It produces an optical effect on the skin that brings brightness.
  • Alantoína. - High and fast power of cutaneous regeneration.
  • ARGAN. - Antioxidant agent.

How and when to use it?

Synergy Lift is a line that has several products in order to combine and strengthen its effects.

- Biorelax Lifting Sérum. To be applied tomorrow and / or night according to the needs of the skin and before the makeup for its tensioning effect.

- Biorelax Lifting Mask. To be applied twice a week. Preferably after the exfoliation of the skin.

- Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream. To apply at night.

- Biorelax LIFTING CREAM SPF 15. To apply in the morning.

- Excellence Anti-Age Treatment Cream. You can apply tomorrow and / or night according to the needs of the skin.

TIP: We advise the application of products with soft maneuvers, ascending and outward and the use of a sunscreen with FPS 30-50.

Synergy Lift can be combined with:

All Skincare lines. In the case of an anti-agency line, we suggest that the combines with therapy caviar, Cellular Expression Vit. C, Optimal Renewal, Essential Face.

Synergy Lift is ideal for accompanying medical-aesthetic treatments.