This type of cosmetic can be combined very well with a facial cream. Or you can apply alone, depending on the type of skin and your needs.

In Skincare we have several types of Sérum for the faceAccording to the skin type: Anti-aging, anti-ratings, firming, antioxidants and moisturizers.

Discover the best facial semuns

To discover which is the best facial sérumA good cosmetic diagnosis made by a good professional is essential for your skin.

Within the basic care routine of the skin is very healthy the application of a Facial Sérum. They have an immediate and cumulative effect. Therefore it is very important to be constant in its application.

Facial Sérum with Vitamin C

Vitamin C for the face It is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used components in the world of cosmetics.

In Skincare we have a very versatile vitamin C vitamin C as it can be used by a wide range of skin types and ages.

Cellular Expression Vitamin C It has been created, above all, to give light to the skin, to prevent aging and to hydrate the skin. The use of the use is also very well indicated Vitamin C for spots on the face, always accompanied by the use of a Sun protector 30-50.

Antimancas facial sérum

In Skincare we have a particularly designed line to unify skin pigmentation and improve, with its constant and continuous use, this type of injury as unfinished as they are The spots on the face.

The Sérum Antimanches of the line Whitening Care., it has a very appropriate formula for this type of problem. Kojic acid, of vegetable origin, as an active preventive principle of the formation of Facial spots Of melic origin, vitamin C as an illuminator and antioxidant for the anti-ageing, and AHA as an exfoliating component.

We always recommend that the skin is prone to the appearance of stains the constant use of a photoprotector 50.

Sérum facial anti-aging

The skin with the elance of time and the influence of different environmental factors is needing special care. A Anthorn Sérum It is one of the ideal products to introduce in the daily skin care routine after 35 years.

In Skincare we have several lines "Anti-aging" What Caviar Therapy., Optimal Renewal., Synergy Lift., Indicated to prevent early aging of the skin. These lines have active antioxidant, repairers, tensioners, moisturizers, moisturizers, which collaborate notoriously the quality of the skin.

And how interesting of Skincare is that all his Antiageing cosmetics can be applied in Oily skin without producing an unwanted effect as cosmetic occlusion.

Facial moisturizing Sérum

It is essential in basic skin care the use of moisturizing cosmetics constantly since an optimum hydration maintains the integrity of the skin barrier and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

In Skincare we emphasize the use of active ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the skin without producing cosmetic occlusion. We have several Sérums moisturizing, which can be applied tomorrow and / or night, alone or with a moisturizer, Depending on the needs of the skin. hydration That is achieved with our Sérums is very well tolerated by the skin by its light textures and by the high concentration of assets in its composition.

Inside Skincare we have the Best moisturizing Sérums Within the lines: Caviar Therapy, Optimal Renewal and Synergy Lift.