Whitening Care is for you if ...

you need a depictive effect, Unifying and minimizer of the appearance of melanic spots (Moorronades stains) ...

We recommend its use in the Types of skin tendency to pigment, Even the youngest.

Characteristics of the Whitening Care collection

It is a line composed of several products indicated to notariously improve the quality of the skin by depiencing it, illuminating it and hydrating it.


• Minimizes skin pigmentations of melic origin (bitter spots).

• Prevents the formation of new spots.

• Increase luminosity and unifies cutaneous tone.

• Revitalizes the skin.

• Combat the free radicals responsible for cutaneous aging.

Active principles to stand out

Whitening Care has a composition focused on making an effect above all Depievant, illuminator and anti-aging antioxidant but also has active and renovating active principles.

  • Khobic acid - Spigentant power. It inhibits the formation of melanic spots (brown spots).
  • Vitamin C - High antioxidant power, combat free radicals. It decreases the appearance of stains of melanic origin (browning spots). Acting by increasing the synthesis of collagen.
  • Extracts of fruity acids - Great depictive power. They produce a slight exfoliation in the most superficial layers of the skin promoting cell renewal.
  • Tartaric acid, lactic acid and citric acid - Acid complex of natural origin with antioxidant, moisturizing and lightening properties.

How and when to use it?

Whitening Care is a line that has several products in order to combine and strengthen its effects.

- SPITANT MASK: To be applied twice a week. Preferably after the exfoliation of the skin.

- Sérum depictive: It can be applied tomorrow and / or night with a high concentrate of active ingredients.

- SPITANT CREAM: It is applied in a long morning. Makeup can be applied afterwards.

TIP: We advise the application of products with soft, ascending and outward maneuvers.

Whitening Care can be combined with

We suggest its intensive use for a while to combat the difficult stains of melanic origin. After watching an improvement you can combine its use with Synergy Lift, Caviar Therapy, Cellular Expression Vit. C, OIL BALANCE, HYDROVECT, Essential Face.

Why do spots come on the skin?

People who have a tendency to stain, usually present of all kinds of browning spots, of mesanic origin, which above all appear in areas exposed to the sun. They may be Small spots on the skin, solar lentigos or freckles, wider and more symmetrical spots (Hyperpigmentations Cloasma type), diffuse spots scattered in different facial zones, etc.

This type of problem so inesthetic is only given in some skin types, with this we want to say that not all skins stain, this will depend on the type of Cutaneous pigmentation of the individual and his mechanism to form melanin.

Types of spots on the skin

There are several types of spots on the skin according to its origin. On the one hand we find the Red spots on the skin, these are of vascular origin and on the other hand Cutaneous brown spots That its origin is melic, pigment that grants natural pigmentation of the skin and that protects us against solar ultraviolet radiation.

Many of them are medical treatment but always cosmetic accompaniment is very important and effective, especially in the dark spots They have a solar mesanic involvement. Almost always calls Solar spots of the skin o Solar damage.