Redefiniendo la belleza masculina

Redefining male beauty

When we talk about beauty we have the "bad" habit of basing ourselves on stipulated canons, when in reality beauty is very relative to the eyes tha...

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Como afecta el estrés a la piel

How stress affects the skin

Whenever we talk about the skin, we define it as the largest organ we possess and the one that reveals everything that happens inside us. We only n...

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Piel Sensible: Defensa y cuidado

Sensitive Skin: Defense and Care

Sensitive Skin: Defense and CareThere are cycles in which our skin experiences certain sensitivity, even leading to exaggerated manifestations, wit...

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La edad de oro

The golden age

Mature skin care As the years go by, the mitochondria of our cells are diminishing, functions are slowing down, hydration is less... This makes ou...

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