The skin microbiome, care and natural balance

El microbioma de la piel, cuidado y equilibrio natural

When we talk about skin, we always start by saying that it is the largest organ we have. An organ in which various microorganisms coexist, the vast majority of them are harmless to the health of the skin and many of them beneficial and necessary for our protection.

We try to protect ourselves a lot from all the exposomes to which we are involved, but we forget that not only they affect the balance of our microbiota, but also endogenous factors.

Our microbiota will depend on our immune system to modulate correctly, this helps us to understand how the skin acts when faced with unexpected disorders or aggressions.

When we are using products that are not what our skin needs, we can see reactions in the skin, and just by eliminating the products from our routine and leaving it without product for a few days, only with daily hygiene we will notice how it will balance itself.

Once it is completely balanced, we can get the right advice from a professional to analyze the state of our skin and recommend the best ritual, the one that suits you and your needs.

The use of probiotics will help us a lot to balance and prevent bacterial proliferation, as well as soothe and help skin with the presence of conditions.

In our line of boosters, we want to highlight Starbio, a cocktail of probiotics and lactic acid that will help us to recover the most needy skins, either by sensitivity or by the effects of bacteria such as those that cause acne.

It is very important that the cleansing is adequate for our skin, as well as the tonic.

The tonic is an underrated product and it helps us a lot to balance the ph and to restructure the skin after cleansing.

For the most sensitive skins, the sensitive hygiene line is adapted to them by removing all traces of dirt while moisturizing and offering a sweet caress to the skin.

Do not follow fashions, listen to yourself and analyze what your skin needs in each cycle you are living, only then you will find optimal answers.


Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/Dietician/Maystar GRoup Technical Trainer