Sensitive skins were associated with certain factors such as race type and cutaneous phototypes, with the caucasian or white breed being the most affected. Nowadays it is clearly perceived that race or phototype is not the only determining factor. At present, sensitive or hypersensitive skins are observed, in many skin types not only with low phototypes (1 and 2).

It is very important to keep in mind that there is Several skin pathologies that produce skins with red and sensitive, Such as cuperosis, and that are of absolute dermatological medical treatment but that without a doubt cosmetic care is a great contribution to maintain this problem in early stages.

What is sensitive fat skin?

Skin sensitivity It is not associated with your degree of lipidization. With this we mean that there are sensitive fat skins, sensitive dry skins and sensitive mixed skins. The reactivity of the skin is totally independent to the greasy of the skin. Anyway, it is still observing thatL.AS Lighter skins have more sensitivityor reactivity versus different factors.

How to detect if the skin of the face is sensitive?

The best way to know if an individual has his sensitive skin is wondering. It is almost the first thing mentioned when there is a special sensitivity on your skin.

There areMany factors that trigger this problem So frequent, the use of certain cosmetics, certain sensitivity reactions and redness on the skin versus changes in temperature, many times when the stadium, sting, itching and tingling is advanced.

These types of skins are sometimes so reactive and sensitive that react to a simple scratch, are so reactive that they show sensitivity to the touch. They are skins that require special care as they demonstrate extreme fragility and in turn some discomfort.

How to care for and treat sensitive and reactive skin?

From Skincare we have several suggestions and tips to care for sensitive skin.

Minimize the use of cosmetics on the skin

We refer to having a Basic cleaning care, Hydration and protection, fundamental for all skin types, without exceeding to test many products, to minimize contact with some cosmetic component that can produce some sensitivity reaction.

In Skincare we have Two recommended lines especially for sensitive skins, With specific ingredients for sensitive skins. The two lines are Optimal Renewal and Sensitive.

  • Optimal Renewal. It is a line specially designed to regenerate and hydrate the skin by the presence in all its products of growth factors in order to repair the epidermis and deeper structures, an excellent way of sensitive skin care.
  • Sensitive, Our line for delicate and sensitive skins has active principles aimed at decongesting, calming, hydrating and protecting skin such as chamomile extract, squalene of vegetable origin and thermal water.

It is very important to also treat these skin types with a lotSoftness and delicacy, Applying cosmetics with soft, light maneuvers, do not withdraw with harsh materials, always with cottons and moisten them if it was necessary to minimize frictions that produce redrishes and possible irritation.

What is good to take into account in sensitive skin in different seasons of the year?

This type of skin must take care of it throughout the year.

Above all we will doEmphasis during the summer be very careful with the solar expositionand in Winter with the application of moisturizers To protect the integrity of the cutaneous barrier, natural protection of our skin.

The best facial routine for sensitive skin

In Skincare we have several products perfectly indicated for sensitive skin we recommend to introduce in the basic care routine little by little:

Moisturizing creams for sensitive and reactive skins

A tire cutaneous hydration is definitely the best protection for the skin. In Skincare we have two lines with Moisturizing creams for the face Ideal for care of sensitive skin.

  • Optimal Renewal., which contains in its composition growth factors of vegetable origin, with high power of regeneration and hydration: anti-ageing cream.
  • Hypoallergenic Cream of Sensitive Line, with perfectly asset principles indicated for reactive skins alantoin, bisabolol, thermal water and vitamin E.

Sensitive skin tonic

The daily application of Tonics and thermal waters In these skin types. In Skincare we recommend the Thermal water of the sensitive line with hyaluronic acid, Boswellia Serrata (avoids irritation and cries) and Thermal water with decongestive action. We also have the facial tonic of Essential Face, which contains water from soothing roses and moisturizing glycerol.

We advise applying tonics and hot springs with a cotton giving soft touches without driving maneuvers.

Facial cleaning for sensitive skins

Cleaning the skin every day is essential to keep it healthy. In the case of sensitive skins, it is also very important not to skip this step.

In Skincare we have a perfectly indicated cosmetics for these skin types.

  • Sensitive, our line designed especially for reactive skins, It has a toning remarkable emulsion, a very light emulsion of very easy application that has soothing, decongestive and anti-running active ingredients.
  • It is also an excellent optionESSENTial Face remarkable emulsion, An emulsion with rose water and glycerol, also a very well tolerated emulsion by reactive skins.

Any of the two products can be applied in morning and per night or can be perfectly combined with Essential Face's micellar water.

Sérums for sensitive skins

Sensitive skins can also be applied Sérum type cosmetics. Recall that in this type of cosmetic there is greater concentration of active ingredients and that it also has an ideal texture, since they are more fluid and therefore very easy application.

Our Renewal Optimal Line has Anti-Ageing Sérum, with a very light and very fast absorption texture.

Micellar water for sensitive skins

The micellar waters are very well indicated for sensitive skins. In Essential Face we have micellar water, which also removes makeup. It also contains glycerol in its composition, therefore also grants hydration to the skin at the same time that clean it.

Exfoliating for sensitive skins

Optimal Renewal, one of the most suitable Skincare lines for these skin types, has a Enzymatic Facial Exfoliating Perfectly well tolerated by reactive and sensitive skins.

The anti-Ageing Peeling Powder mixed with the anti-Ageing Micellar Water perform a soft and perfect exfoliation, without producing redoxies or unwanted cutaneous reactions.

Can be done twice a week after the Facial Cleansing.

Mask for sensitive skins

Undoubtedly, sensitive skin can be applied Facial masks. The Anti-Ageing Repair Mask of Optimal Renewal with growth factors is ideal for applying twice a week after enzymatic exfoliation.

Eye contour for sensitive skins

The area of ​​the eyes is especially delicate in all types of skin, especially in which they are more sensitive. That's why we recommend the use of a Suitable eye contour.

Our Ageing Caviar Therapy line has a complete treatment for care of the eyelids area, Eye Contour Mask and Eye Contour Cream, two products that contain ideal antioxidant and moisturizing agents to prevent the formation of early wrinkles.

Tip:The anti-Ageing Repair Mask mask from Optimal Renewal can also be applied in the orbicular area of ​​the eyelids. It is applied with a very thin layer taking care not to enter the eyes. It is removed very gently with an embedded cotton in warm water.

How to exfoliate sensitive skin?

Optimal Renewal, one of the most indicated lines for these skin types, has an enzymatic exfoliating perfectly accepted by the reactive and sensitive skins.

Anti-Ageing Peeling Powder mixed with anti-Ageing Micellar Water performs a smooth and perfect exfoliation, without producing redoxies or unwanted reactions. It can be done twice a week after facial cleaning.