TheTonic for the face area It fulfills several functions and one of them is to finish withdrawing your cleaning cosmetic by providing other perfect qualities to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

In all our tonics or mists the Thermal water, His presence being fundamental to produce a sensation of freshness on the skin.

What is the facial tonic for?

Many times we ask ourselvesWhat is the use of a facial tonic for?

This type of cosmetic fulfills many benefits in the skin. WithinThe benefits of applying a facial tonic We highlight: finish cleaning the skin after cleaning with a specific cosmetic, refresh, moisturize, calm and regulate the cutaneous pH.

The best benefits according to your skin type

Our facial tonics can be applied to any type of skin.

However, the truth is that in Skincare we have some more specific ones that work even better in certain skin types:

Facial tonic Grease and mixed skins:

Essentail Oxygen Mist, from Hydrovect, is a highly recommended tonic for fat and mixed skins as it counts in its composition with highly recommended oxygenating assets for these types of skins.

Facial Tonic Dry Skins:

It is ideal our facial tonic of the sensitive line as it has its formulation with urea and hyaluronic acid. Two basic active principles for effective hydration. We also recommend if you feel your dry skin, our super anti-ageing lines, therapy caviar, Synergy Lift and Optimal Renewal.

Tonic for sensitive skins or with rice:

The ideal tonic in Skincare is the Thermal toning water of the Sensitive line, The line designed for these types of skins as it has active ingredients such as thermal water and Boswellia serrated a component of natural origin that fulfills the functions of protecting the skin, is anti-ruling and calmly calm the red.

Tonic for mature skins:

Whether it is the tonic of the sensitive lines such as Hydrovect next to the facial tonic of Essential with rose water, they would be perfectly indicated. We also recommend the usual use of moisturizing cosmetics and antioxidant as therapy caviar, Synergy Lift and Optimal Renewal.

How and when to apply the facial tonic?

It is one of the important steps in skin care. We advise your application in the morning and at night after performing your usual cleaning.

There are several ways of Use of facial tonic. On the one hand with a cotton circle soaked by making small touch over areas of face and neck and on the other hand spread a thin layer of the mist on these areas and then make gentle types for its total absorption. Use any of the two ways and you will notice your fresh and decongested skin.

Difference between facial tonic and micellar water

There is a big difference between these two types of cosmetics.

The Micellar waters. They possess in their formulation micelles, which are small bipolar structures capable of attracting tallow and cutaneous dirt, isolating it and transporting it through the water where they are to eliminate it from the skin.

Micellar water is a cosmetic of cutaneous cleaning while the tonic complies above all decongestive functions, moisturizing, cutaneous pH regulatory and soothing.

In Skincare we, within the line with optimal renewal growth factors, with the anti-ageing micellar water and in with the Micellar Water of Essential, with power of hydration by the presence of glycerol in its composition.