Cellular Expression Vit C is for you if ...

You need an illuminating, repairman and moisturizing effect regardless of age.

We recommend its use In all types of skin Even the youngest.


Characteristics of the Cellular Expression Vit c collection.

It is a line composed of several products indicated to notoriously improve the quality of the skin illuminating it, hydrating it and reaffirming it.


• Great illuminating power.

• Hydens in depth and softens the skin.

• Increase tonicity and elasticity.

• Accelerate cell regeneration.

• Combat the free radicals responsible for cutaneous aging.

• Progressively decreases stains of melanic origin (bitter spots).

Active principles to stand out

Cellular Expression Vit C has a composition focused on carrying out an effect above all illuminator and anti-aging-antioxidant but also has active, regenerating and reaffirming active principles.

  • Ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) - High antioxidant power, combat free radicals by decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. It decreases the appearance of stains of melanic origin (browning spots). Acting by increasing the synthesis of collagen.
  • African birch bark- High antioxidant and anti-aging power. It favors the assimilation of vitamin C.
  • Chondrus crispus.- With tensor filming effect.
  • Hyaluronic acidHigh power of cutaneous hydration. It acts at a superficial level by its high molecular weight, achieving an effect of spongy and turgidity of the immediate skin.
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) Prevents aging due to its great antioxidant power.
  • AMINOCONTRAXIL. Set of amino acids that produce a smoothing of the skin. With cumulative effect.
  • Rosehip - Regenerating and moisturizing power.


How and when to use it?

Cellular Expression Vit C is a line that has several products in order to combine and enhance its effects.

Mask Mousse Illuminator: To be applied twice a week. Preferably after the exfoliation of the skin.

TIP: To get a high illuminator effect apply it for seven consecutive nights before sleeping. Remove in the morning and apply the usual cosmetics.

Sérum illuminating: It can be applied tomorrow and / or night with a high concentrate of active ingredients.

Reaffirming light cream: You can apply tomorrow and / or night after the illuminating sérum or alone.

TIP: We advise the application of products with soft maneuvers, ascending and outward and the use of a sunscreen with FPS 30-50.


Cellular Expression Vit C can be combined with:

All Skincare lines. In the case of an illuminating line, repairman and moisturizer we suggest that the combines with Synergy Lift, Optimal Renewal, caviar Therapy, Oil Balance, Hydrovect, Essential Face.

Routines and illuminating creams for the face

No doubt that our skin is the mirror of the soul, how is our health, how we live, how we feel emotionally and how we take care of the environmental factors.

The skin, to stay healthy and healthy needs a good quality of life, of certain care against external factors, with ultraviolet radiation being one of the most harmful external factors for our skin, and the use of daily effective cosmetics.

In Skincare we have several Facial treatments to illuminate the skin, of use in cabin and several Creams and different products to illuminate the skin.

Within the Skincare lines you have several Creams designed to illuminate the face. True Formulated creams that give light to the face. On the one hand our line with vitamin C, Cellular Expression Vit. C., and on the other hand the contribution of active oxygenating and revitalizing principles of Hydrovect.

When do you need an illuminating cream?

This type of cosmetics is necessary when the Face of the face is off, Without healthy and jovial brightness.

We remember that good rest and good food is one of the pillars to improve a Skin off and tired, More if you suffer from dark circles or bags in the area of ​​the lower eyelids, it is often hereditary but improving your habits, these inestgetic elements will change remarkably.

The Skin without luminosity It is not impossible to improve, from Skincare we invite the usual use of our specific cosmetics for this problem to obtain rapid and resolutive results.