In Skincare we have excellent Exfoliating creams Indicated so that you can perform an exfoliation of the most superficial cells of the skin (dead cells) twice a week with an immediate and cumulative result. ESSENTIAL BODY Energizing Body Exfoliante and StarPil Volcanic Peeling are cosmetic products specially designed for the Mechanical exfoliation of the skin in body areas.

How to exfoliate the skin?

What is to exfoliate the skin?Exfoliate the skin is a very old concept in the use and application of cosmetic products. Exfoliate means eliminating or removing dead skin cells and there are several ways to do it: by mechanical, chemical and specific appliance.

In our Body Care Skincare Protocol we suggest the use of ESSENTial Body's Energy Body Exfoliante or Starpil Volcanic Peeling. Exfoliating who perform a mechanical exfoliation with the purpose of Remove the skin "dead" From his more superficial layer, the epidermis.

Benefits of exfoliation

Exfoliation what it brings to the skin is a notorious softness and tuning and is also the step prior to a correct contribution of active ingredients, nutrients and antioxidants, since this cutaneous tuning collaborates with a better and greater penetration of active ingredients.

In addition, the treatment of enquistated hair that is mainly signed in the legs is included in the function of a mechanical exfolfectant. How to exfoliate the legs When the skin of this area is prone to enquistated hair? In our protocol created for this type of problem so common, it consists of the combination of two of our products.

  • On the one hand, perform a mechanical exfoliation twice a week with the ESSENTial Body Energy Body Exfoliante or the Starpil Volcanic Peeling. Your application is very simple if you do it before the shower. The time that works an exfoliating in the body It is very short, it will depend on how thick is the skin and sensitivity. Inside the shower, after having moistened the skin with water, the exfoliating is applied in the hands and you work on the skin in a circular way about three seconds in the same area (emphasize elbows and knees). Rinse with plenty of water.
  • And on the other hand, the daily application of Starpil Hair Puller.

How to perform exfoliation well?

To perform a deeper mechanical exfoliation on the skin, the exposure time factor is fundamental. The more time you work, the more your action is deepened and the surface layer of the skin is refined.

The perfect exfoliation is when you noticed your skin with a softer texture without rosecase.

Best products to exfoliate the skin

Within our wide range of body cosmetic products we have two mechanical exfoliant cremes for body use, ESSENTial Body Energizing Exfoliante or Starpil Volcanic Peeling. And with a chemical exfoliating Starpil's Hair Puller. The Hair Puller is a chemical exfoliating with salicylog acid in its composition. Ideal component to perform a soft and healthy exfoliation for the skin.

Body exfoliation treatment begins

To maintain body skin in a healthy and beautiful state we recommend including a body exfoliation treatment in weekly routine. It is important to keep in mind not to perform it more than twice a week, it is preferable to treat the skin little by little.

What is ideal to apply after exfoliation?

The Body exfoliation It is a treatment that in addition to refining and treating the most superficial layer of the skin collaborates with the best penetration of cosmetics and its active ingredients. Therefore we recommend emphasizing the application of hydrating creams. Since it will be more effective the contribution of its active ingredients in the skin treated with exfoliators.

The best time to make a mechanical exfoliation comfortably, is before the shower since if the skin is wet the exfoliating cosmetic will be easier to extend and slide. It will also be easier to remove it with plenty of water to not leave any other product.