Optimal Renewal is for you if ...

You need a repairing and reaffirming anxiety effect from 30-35 years, depending on the needs and conditions of each skin.

We recommend its use from 35 years. 

Characteristics of the Renewal Optimal Collection

It is an anti-aging and ultra reparative line composed of several products indicated to notoriously improve the quality of the skin hydrating it, repairing it and rejuvenating it.


• Improve hydration.

• Increase the density of the skin.

• Powerful reaffirming effect.

• Great regenerative power.

• Retrieves dry and desquamation skin.

• Minimize wrinkles.

• High anti-aging power.

Active principles to be highlighted:

Optimal Renewal has a composition focused on carrying out an effect on all repairman, moisturizing, anti-aging and reaffirming.

Growth factors (vegetable origin) - Reduce signs of cutaneous aging. They act on the dermis improving the structure of the skin. High power of regeneration and deep hydration.

Barley water - Remineralizes and restructuring the skin. Hydrates and has a tensor effect.

Hyaluronic acid - High power of cutaneous hydration. It acts at a superficial level by its high molecular weight, achieving an effect of spongy and turgidity of the immediate skin.

Vegetable extracts - Repairmen and regenerating.

Petasitis Japonicus Root Extract - Protect, softens and improve the quality of the skin.

Karité butter - softens and repairs the skin.


How and when to use it?

Optimal Renewal is a line that has several products in order to combine and enhance its effects.

- Anti-Ageing Mask: To be applied twice a week. Preferably after the exfoliation of the skin.

- Anti-Ageing Sérum: It can be applied tomorrow and / or night with a high concentrate of active ingredients.

- Refirming revitalizing cream.: You can apply tomorrow and / or night after Anti-Ageing Sérum or alone.

- Anti-Ageing Micel Water: To clean the skin in the morning or at night. It is mixed with Anti-Ageing Peeling Powder to perform an enzymatic peeling.

- Anti-Ageing Peeling Powder: With Shikhic Acid. Enzymatic peeling indicated for sensitive skins. It is mixed with Anti-Ageing Micel Water.

TIP: We advise the application of products with soft maneuvers, ascending and outward and the use of a sunscreen with FPS 30-50.


Optimal Renewal can be combined with:

All Skincare lines. In the case of an anti-area line, we suggest that the combines with Synergy Lift, Cellular Expression Vit. C, Caviar Therapy, Essential Face.