The best moisturizing creams They are those that you notice well tolerated by the skin and that are also easy to apply.

In Skincare we have two body hydration products:

  • The Body moisturizing emulsion de Essential Body, with a very pleasant hydration effect and well tolerated by all types of skin. In its composition we add rosehip and argan oil with regenerative action, moisturizing and antioxidant.
  • And the Body Emulsion Silk Comfort of Sensory Nature.A fluid emulsion with oat extract that in addition to softening and hydrating the skin prevents the loss of natural water by maintaining the integrity of the cutaneous barrier and protecting us from environmental factors.

Maystar moisturizing creams according to the skin type

There are several types of skin considering that according to the time of year the skin behaves in different ways. In summer it is usually more exposed to environmental factors such as sun, sea and swimming pools and during winter eras the skin changes the status of its epicutaneous emulsion having the need to be more hydrated.

The most effective way to treat body skin hydration is:

  • Performing sporadically mechanical exfoliations(biweekly). We recommend EL. Energizing body exfoliating of Essential Body or the volcanic peeling of Starpil.
  • Applying with moisturizing cosmetics.Sometimes it is necessary, when there is a notorious cosmetic dehydration, it applies the cosmetic several times a day until optimal hydration. From Skincare we recommend the usual use of Essential Body's body moisturizing emulsion or SENSORY NATURE Nature Silk Comfort body emulsion or the combination of both to bring different active ingredients to the skin.

What is the best cream for flaccidity?

Cutaneous flaccidity is one of the most frequent problems, especially in the female population. It is difficult to treat that many times it is confused with muscle flaccidity which can only be improved by practicing sports.

If flaccidity is cutaneous if we can improve your appearance a lotwith the application of cosmetics. In Skincare we have the Reaffirming cream breasts and body of Sensory Nature. A light emulsion that blends immediately with the skin granting it hydration, smoothness, elasticity and turgor collaborating notoriously with a general improvement of the skin by improving its cutaneous appearance and flaccidity.

We advise from Skincare its daily use in the affected areas along with the application of ESSENTial Body's Energizing Body Exfoliante or Starpil Volcanic Peeling twice a week.

Recall that the more times the most resolutive and immediate moisturizing cosmetic will be the improvement in the hydration of the skin. Therefore its elasticity and texture notoriously improving its aspect in general.

Consult an aesthetic professional for your cabin treatment.

What is the best anti-cellulite cream?

In Skincare we have the Reducing anti-cellulite cream of Essential Body. It contains in its formulation, reducing, reducing and moisturizing principles that help improve areas affected by cellulite.

Keep in mind that cellulite is a pathology that affects adipose tissue, which occurs in the female population mostly and that therefore has a preponderant hormonal factor that triggers it. This means that for the better the state of the fabric affected by this pathology We need to take into account several actions in practice.

  • Healthy nutritional diet. Emphasize the intake of vegetable fibers.
  • Water intake, no more than two liters per day.
  • Frequent physical activity. Although it is only treated from 45 'walks. Sedentaryism not only aggravates cellulite but is not healthy for the physical and mental health of the individual.
  • Consult a professional aesthetics for your cabin treatment.
  • It uses cosmetics designed for cellulite with draining, reducing and moisturizing assets.

What is the best anti-storm cream?

The appearance of stretch marks in the skin is due mainly to excessive stretching of skin and rupture of elastic fibers. This occurs when there is cutaneous stretch due to changes in weight, growth and pregnancy.

Stretch marks are difficult treatment. The Ideal moment to address them It is when they are still reddish, this means that even the skin is vascularized and the stretch is "alive". When the spray is of pearly whitish color it is already very difficult cosmetic treatment.

In Skincare we have the Preventive anti-storm cream. of Sensory Nature. A cosmetic in charge of granting the necessary elasticity to the skin prevent the appearance of stretch marks and to improve their appearance in the event that they are already seated. The rosehip embedded in its formulation, is a large regenerator and skin healing that in turn gives you the capacity of elasticity to the skin.