Glycosure Care is for you if ...

You need a cellular, repair and moisturizing renewal effect regardless of age.

We recommend its use in all types of skin even the youngest ones being more careful in sensitive skins.

Characteristics of the Glycosure Care collection

It is a line composed of indicated products to notarily improve the quality of the skin renewing it, illuminating and hydrating it.


• Eliminates surface dead cells.

• Hydrate.

• Accelerate cell regeneration.

Active principles to stand out

Glycosure Care has a composition focused on making an effect above all regenerating and moisturizing.

  • AHA's (Alfahydroxy acids, Fruit Acids) - Exfoliating and renovating properties.
  • Jojoba microsphers- Mechanical superficial exfoliation.

How and when to use it?

Glycosure Care is a line that has products in order to combine with other lines and enhance its effects.

Double peeling renovation: Perform twice a week after the usual facial cleaning.

Body Emulsion Renovation: Apply after shower every day in all corporal areas

Glycosure Care can be combined with:

All Skincare lines. In the case of a renovating and moisturizing line we suggest that the combines with Synergy Lift, Optimal Renewal, caviar Therapy, Oil Balance, Hydrovect, Cellular Expression Vit C, Essential Face.