Commodities in routine

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, the body that fulfills the great function to protect against various external factors and which in turn is our business card, the facial area being the first social impact. A healthy and beautiful skin certainly says a lot about how we live and how we care.

Essential is our new face and body very functional with safe formulations and with many clear and decisive benefits.

Products Essential Collection Face

Micellar water:Daily cleaning of the skin. Micelles act on the one hand, removing traces of makeup and another, helping to rebuild naturally the hydrolipidic film `skin. suitable for all skin types. Apply morning and evening.

Facial Lotion Oil Balance: Seborreguladora facial lotion formulated with alpha hydroxy acids (naturally occurring) and hamamelis water, to remove excess fat deeply, maintaining skin hydration. Suitable for oily skin. It helps control shine. Apply morning and evening.

Exfoliating Facial Scrub: Mechanical exfoliant based microparticles remove dead cells and facilitates regeneration of skin, favoring the penetration of the active ingredients applied subsequently. With vitamin C in the formula leaves illuminated, moisturized and soft. Please use twice a week on sensitive skins.

Oil Treatment Gel Balance: Gel especially suitable for oily skin. granites type and blackheads applies injuries and carrying on its salicylic acid formulation, tea tree and aloe vera, with anitséptica and exfoliating function.

Anti-Aging Facial Serum: Serum peptide-based facial specially designed to minimize fine lines. It produces an effect of "Lifting Cosmetic" immediate and lasting effect. It also contains moisturizers and humectants active substances such as hyaluronic acid and chondrus crispus favoring the regeneration of collagen and improve skin firmness. Apply morning and / or evening, it can be combined with Face Cream to the needs of the skin.

Facial Hydrating Cream: hydrating, moisturizing and regenerating cream. Formulated with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, olive oil, allantoin and vitamin E among others. It helps hydration and deep epidermal regeneration, favoring in turn an antioxidant effect and anti-aging. Apply morning and / or evening, it can be combined with Sérum Facial Moisturizer.

Products Essential Collection Body

Energizing Body Scrub: Exfoliant particles mechanical pumice and jojoba natural origin, to remove the outer dead cells, helping renewal and favoring the penetration of various active ingredients. Leaves skin soft and silky. We advise its application before the shower twice a week over the treatment area.

Reducing cellulite cream: Designed to combat cellulite. Draining contains principles and reducing assets, which help minimize the signs of cellulite, improving the appearance of orange peel. Fluid texture and easy absorption. Apply once or twice a day in the area to be treated. We recommend using the Energizing Body Scrub twice a week.

Body Hydrating Emulsion: Soft light emulsion, not grease and easy absorption. The association of its active ingredients of natural origin, compensate for the loss of transepidermal water from the skin. Apply minimum once a day. We advise the use of the energizing body exfoliente twice a week.