Redefining male beauty

Redefiniendo la belleza masculina

When we talk about beauty we have the "bad" habit of basing ourselves on stipulated canons, when in reality beauty is very relative to the eyes that look, completely ephemeral.

When we talk about male-specific rituals and care, we cannot treat it in a general way as if it were only one type of skin.

Male skin tends to be oilier because it has more sebaceous glands, but it is true that each skin is a world and we should treat it according to each need.

One of the star lines for men's skin is our Hydrovect line.

An oxygenating line that increases the water level of the skin without stimulating the sebaceous gland.

Ideal for combination and oily skin, but also for the most needy, as the line has products that we will now discover help us to decongest and refresh the most sensitive skins.

Hydrovect Essential Oxygen Mist tones, soothes after shaving, refreshes during sun exposure and provides immediate well-being after smelling it.

The Essential oxygen Repair gel serum restores calm and freshness to sensitive or sensitized skin after shaving, ideal for those skins that do not like greasy gels, it is a serum in gel format that is quickly absorbed without leaving any oily residue. It is the preferred cosmetic of our male customers.

And if we talk about creams, gentlemen will have a great dilemma when choosing which one best suits their needs, since Essential Oxygen Cream is a light cream with a delicious non-greasy texture that helps to promote the ability to retain oxygen and increase the water level, a great anti-stress cosmetic, but Essential Oxygen Ice Cream is not far behind in all the benefits it brings us. An invigorating ice cream that tones thanks to its cold and immediate energizing effect. It soothes, firms, revitalizes and decongests.

Any product of the Hydrovect line will not leave you indifferent, its refreshing and clean scent floods the spaces providing well-being.



Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/Dietician/Technical Trainer Maystar Group