How stress affects the skin

Como afecta el estrés a la piel
Whenever we talk about the skin, we define it as the largest organ we possess and the one that reveals everything that happens inside us. We only need to analyze the condition of our skin to know what is happening in our bodies.

If we analyze the connection between stress and the health of our skin, we will realize that we should not normalize that state of tension and fatigue that the majority of the population suffers from, as it directly affects the health of our entire body.

Stress weakens our immune system and makes us more susceptible to conditions that manifest on the skin such as irritations, eczema. It also increases bacterial growth, accelerates and exacerbates acne outbreaks, and worsens the health of our skin.

Achieving balance doesn't seem easy in the world we live in, where pressure and daily overload are commonplace. Before it becomes a problem for our well-being and health, we must ally ourselves with different formulas that will help us achieve balance.

We can benefit from techniques such as yoga, pilates... which help us exercise body and mind, clearing our minds of all the overload we carry. One technique that can help us face the day-to-day is meditation. Meditating before starting the day will help us visualize the important and most outstanding points of what we are going to do, giving importance to each activity. Also, doing it at the end of the day, giving thanks for everything experienced and also accepting what has not been achieved.

Walking in nature is always a tool for disconnection and getting closer to the awareness of what we are. Spending time with our pets, reading, relating to a good environment that influences us positively.

In moments of high stress, helping ourselves with dietary supplements that help us boost our immune system and be stronger in what we are experiencing.

Skin care tips

We know that stress will reduce our skin's radiance, juiciness, hydration, as well as lower our defenses, leaving our skin dull and accelerating our aging process. Depending on your symptoms, from Maystar we recommend:

- Acne outbreak: your ally will be the Oil Balance line, to balance and purify your skin, achieving clean skin and avoiding bacterial growth.

- Dehydration, eczema: The most sensitized skins should be treated with epidermal growth factors to regenerate, repair, and recover the skin. In our Optimal Renewal line, you will find the solution. Also, increase the defense capacity with a 10-day cure from Maystar's booster line, Starbio.

- Dull skin without light: For those tired and dull skins, the Cellular line with vitamin C expression will help revitalize the skin, increasing luminosity and avoiding the acceleration of oxidative chains. As well as the 10-day cures from our Starvital booster line. Vitamin C and Vitamin A complex that will help us avoid cellular oxidation and achieve juicy skin instantly.

If you are unsure about which treatment would be ideal for you, visit your nearest Maystar center and the professionals will analyze your skin, recommending the specific treatment that best suits your needs.

If we learn to manage stress, we are learning to gain health.

Angela Tejedera