Internal Detox for Visible Beauty

Detox interior para una belleza visible
We are becoming increasingly aware that we are what we eat, and that what happens inside us is reflected in our skin.

When we talk about a detox diet, we are not talking about scales and kilograms, but about how through nutrition we can help eliminate those toxins that accumulate from our bad habits. We have periods of eating out, overeating unhealthy foods rich in fat and sugars, to which we add bad habits like smoking, consuming alcohol, and accumulating heavy metals in our bodies.

This accumulation slows down our digestive processes, causing bloating, heaviness, and even fatigue, manifesting in dull and lackluster skin.

We must remember that we eliminate toxins through the liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs...

Whenever the overload is excessive, we should seek the guidance of specialized nutritionists who can accompany us on a specific diet and lead us hand in hand with the most appropriate diet for each situation.

In general terms, when we talk about this "reset," we refer to eliminating from our diet those less healthy foods, sugars, stimulants, dairy, refined products, fried foods... and welcoming fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, and nuts.

We should also be aware of the necessary daily water intake through broths, infusions...

Adding to our diet foods rich in antioxidants and, of course, relying on supplementation.

There are many brands with extensive research behind them that help us complement our diet and provide us with those micronutrients that are sometimes deficient only with food.

At the same time, our routine should be in line to enhance detoxification in the skin.

In addition to our daily hygiene, we should include weekly exfoliation to help remove dead cells, as well as boost hydration with 10-day cures through our booster lines.

It's time to visit our trusted salon for a deep cleansing and leave with perfectly clean, healthy, and hydrated skin. Welcome a balanced diet, healthy habits that make you feel better, all of which will be reflected in the health of your skin and its beauty.

Angela Tejedera
Cosmetologist/dietitian/technical trainer Maystar Group