Skinimalism: Simplify Your Skincare Routine for Authentic Beauty

Skinimalismo: Simplifica tu Rutina de Cuidado de la Piel para una Belleza Auténtica
Skinimalism has become a beauty trend followed by more and more people.
If we take a look at our beauty wardrobe, we'll see what's inside and what we're actually using daily.
We'll likely find many cosmetic products that we never use and that we're not getting the most out of. With this trend, we come to the conclusion that less is more, as long as we choose the essential products for our skin.
There are daily aspects of our facial routine that we shouldn't skip if we want to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.
The first and most important step is hygiene.
We can't do without a good cleanser that suits the needs of our skin, so that both morning and night it cleanses the skin while respecting its hydrolipidic mantle.
At Maystar, you can find different cleansers according to your skin type, micellar water, delicate emulsions for the most needy skins, as well as more foamy and antiseptic gels for the most problematic skins that tend to bacterial proliferation.
A toner is a very important product, and one that is often overlooked.
A mist, a hydrosol manages to balance our epidermal emulsion, thus restoring its pH. The sensitive line offers us a soothing and moisturizing toner, as well as the hydrovect line, a decongestant and refreshing mist.
Once we have completed the cleansing with two simple and quick steps, hydration is responsible for the optimal condition of our skin.
The choice of one line or another will depend on what your skin is like, what your diet is like, what hormonal cycle you are experiencing; everything affects our skin, so rely on a good professional who can advise you on the ideal cosmetic for the moment you are experiencing.
And finally, we cannot forget about sun protection, as you know, the sun is the main exposome to which we are exposed throughout the year.
Protecting the skin with an SPF is the best preventive treatment for aging possible.
So we have no excuse, the best choice of cosmetic that best suits your needs is in your hands so that your skin only shows beautiful things, looking beautiful.

Angela Tejedera
Cosmetologist/dietitian/technical trainer Maystar Group