Sensitive Skin: Defense and Care

Piel Sensible: Defensa y cuidado
Sensitive Skin: Defense and Care

There are cycles in which our skin experiences certain sensitivity, even leading to exaggerated manifestations, without necessarily suffering from an allergy as such.

During these cycles when our skin needs tools to defend itself because it is affected by various factors, we must create the ritual it deserves and provide it with active ingredients that reinforce its microbiota to achieve optimal balance.

At Maystar, we treat the skin for what it is: a living organ that varies according to our mood, diet, hormonal processes...

When skin is sensitized, we must give it extra care. For us, a 10-day course of probiotics is essential.

In our Starboost line, you can find a concentrate that adapts to all skin types, especially sensitive ones or those experiencing imbalance. Starbio will help increase the skin's defenses, providing balance thanks to probiotics.

By following a 10-day consecutive protocol, you will notice reinforced and balanced skin.

With clean skin, massage the concentrate until fully absorbed, focusing on the most affected areas day and night, then apply our specific treatment.

The Sensitive line is essential for the hygiene of this skin type, as it helps maintain clean skin without altering the hydrolipidic film, thanks to soothing actives such as Bisabolol and Boswellia Serrata, which help restore manifestations of hyperemia. The cleansing emulsion and delicate tonic will be staple products in your toiletry bag.

Likewise, the hypoallergenic cream can accompany you on days of maximum sensitivity or even allergic manifestations.

Try not to cleanse the skin with very hot water and dry it with soft materials to avoid friction.

One of the secrets for better sleep is using silk pillowcases; it will help you wake up without marks on your skin, respecting it.

Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/dietitian/technical trainer Maystar Group