The golden age

La edad de oro

Mature skin care

As the years go by, the mitochondria of our cells are diminishing, functions are slowing down, hydration is less... This makes our skin more sensitive and it needs more care and pampering.

There are important points that we should not forget and that are the basis of the proper functioning of all our organs, such as a healthy diet according to our rhythm of life, rich in antioxidants that will help us to delay oxidation.

No less important to promote healthy skin is stress control and having a good state of mind, otherwise it could trigger different problems that we would see reflected in the skin.

Cosmetics at this stage is very important, it must be adapted to the different needs of the skin. A very interesting cosmetic is the one formulated with different growth factors, which help us to direct and activate the different physiological functions of the skin.

At Maystar you can find our Optimal Renewal line, specific to regenerate in depth, help tissue repair, activate fibroblasts ...

A line that will help increase the skin's defense capacity and keep it in optimal and healthy conditions.

Tips that we should incorporate into our routine:

-Avoid strong soaps, podeos unbalance our hydrolipidic mantle, causing increased sensitivity.

-Avoid very hot water in the baths, the ideal is to use a warm temperature and finish with a cooler rinse, starting with the most distal part to the heart, ie start with the right foot.

-Always use sun protection.

-Do not forget to moisturize and protect the skin of the hands. The skin of the hands is as exposed to the sun as the facial skin, in Maystar you can find in our line synergy lift, synergy lift hands. A specific cream for the care, protection, hydration and prevention of the dreaded spots. An essential master formula to pamper an area that speaks a lot about us, such as the hands.

May beautiful experiences add life to the years.

Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/Dietician/Technical Trainer Maystar Group