The Golden Age

La edad de oro
Skincare for Mature Skin

As the years go by, the mitochondria in our cells diminish, functions slow down, hydration decreases... This causes our skin to become more sensitized and in need of greater care and pampering.

There are important points we must not forget, which are the basis for the proper functioning of all our organs, such as a healthy diet tailored to our lifestyle, rich in antioxidants that help delay oxidation.

Equally important, to promote healthy skin, is stress management and maintaining a good mood; otherwise, various issues could arise, reflected in the skin.

Cosmetics play a crucial role in this stage and must adapt to the skin's different needs. An interesting type of cosmetics is formulated with various growth factors, which help direct and activate the skin's different physiological functions.

At Maystar, you can find our Optimal Renewal line, specifically designed for deep regeneration, tissue repair, and activation of fibroblasts... A line that will help increase the skin's defense capacity and keep it in optimal and healthy conditions.

Tips to incorporate into our routine:

- Avoid strong soaps, as they can disrupt our hydrolipidic film, leading to increased sensitivity.
- Avoid very hot water in baths; it's ideal to use lukewarm water and finish with a cooler rinse, starting from the part farthest from the heart, i.e., starting with the right foot.
- Always use sunscreen.
- Don't forget to hydrate and protect the skin on your hands. The skin on the hands is as exposed to exposomes as the facial skin. In Maystar, you can find in our synergy lift line, synergy lift hands. A specific cream for care, protection, hydration, and prevention of dreaded spots. An essential masterful formula to pamper an area that speaks volumes about us, such as the hands.

Let beautiful experiences add life to the years.

Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/dietician/technical trainer Maystar Group