The importance of antioxidants in our skincare routine

La importancia de los antioxidantes en nuestra rutina facial
Antioxidants are those chemical compounds that are increasingly becoming essential in good skincare. In our diet, we should incorporate foods rich in vitamins and minerals to obtain these micronutrients necessary for good health, which are reflected in our skin.

When we embark on a complete facial routine, in general, we always demand two basic guidelines: on one hand, it should provide us with optimal hydration, and on the other, it should supply us with antioxidants.

What do antioxidants provide us with?

They help protect us from pollution and also counteract the damage from ultraviolet rays along with sunscreen protection. By neutralizing free radicals, we manage to stop the oxidation chain, avoiding cellular damage and delaying premature aging. They also provide us with luminosity and juiciness in the skin.

At Maystar, you can find different lines with vitamin and trace element supplements that will help alleviate all the aforementioned needs. Among them, Cellular Expression Vit C, a line with a vitamin supplement, helps alleviate blemishes, increase luminosity, and deeply hydrate the skin. Caviar therapy is an anti-aging line with a masterful formula full of antioxidants, so while you correct expression lines, you also illuminate and counteract oxidation. Starvital is a vitamin cocktail that should not be missing from our routine, regardless of the line you are using.

Don't forget to incorporate antioxidant complexes into your daily ritual and enjoy the results they offer.

Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/dietician/technical trainer Maystar Group