Self-love: caring for and valuing your skin

Amor propio: cuidar y valorar tu piel
From Maystar, we want to celebrate the day of love, the most enduring love, the one that lasts forever, the love for our skin.

If we ask ourselves how much we love our skin, we will know based on the care we give it. When you love, you care.

As we know, the skin is the largest organ we possess with countless functions, and daily care is essential to prevent its aging.

It is very important to rely on great professionals who analyze and indicate the specific needs of each area, in order to achieve the ideal ritual of caring for our skin, as well as to know the latest treatments that we can undergo at the salon.

Tips for caring for our skin:

-Make your cosmetic routine your daily wellness ritual, let laziness disappear, and let the desire for those exclusive minutes for yourself revive.

-Use an appropriate temperature, not too hot during daily showers, thus avoiding premature sagging. If we can finish with a cold water rinse, always starting from the farthest part from the heart, our skin will thank us.

-Brush your skin with a soft natural bristle brush once a week, removing dead cells and leaving the skin soft, facilitating the absorption of the cosmetic we apply afterward.

-Hydrate your skin daily using the product that best suits your needs, take advantage to perform small massages on the skin, in addition to better absorbing the product, we will achieve our moment of relaxation and well-being by activating circulation.

-Be very consistent with treatments, the product that works best is the one you use.

-Never forget to cleanse the skin with a product specific to your skin type.

-Give your skin extra pampering once a week, if you can't attend your trusted center every week, create your own little spa at home and take care of yourself a lot.

Pamper your skin 365 days a year, making care a sensory experience of health and well-being.

Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/dietician/technical trainer Maystar group