The science behind probiotics in skin care: beyond the trends

La ciencia detrás de los probióticos en el cuidado de la piel: más allá de las tendencias

After research and studies of these healthy bacteria we call probiotics, we find a range of benefits and solutions for the flora.

They have been used in cosmetic products for years, providing solutions for the most needy skins.

We have already talked in previous posts about the importance of the balance of our skin microbiota, a very varied living system that is formed by a myriad of microorganisms and bacteria, both beneficial and not so beneficial.

What factors influence the health of our microbiota?

There is something that we cannot change or modify, such as genetics, but from here, we can modify almost everything.

Sun damage is very pronounced in our skin, and a correct exposure with adequate sun protection will help us to avoid them, helping to prevent premature aging.

As well as all environmental factors, lifestyle, healthy or not so healthy habits (tobacco, alcohol consumption...).

We are also affected by cosmetics that are not suitable for our skin, such as irritating active ingredients.

In the face of all these factors, probiotics have become a latent solution.

How do probiotics act on the skin?

Thanks to these beneficial bacteria we manage to reduce the levels of inflammation especially caused by agents to which we are exposed as mentioned above.

They help us to reinforce the cutaneous barrier, thus increasing the skin's defense capacity and helping to modulate the skin's immune system.

In our line of boosters you can find the 10-day cure, where the application of one ampoule daily will balance the microbiota.

Starbio is compatible with all skin types, skin with bacterial proliferation, sensitive skin, atopic, dry, pigmented, combination, oily, dehydrated...

A care for all skin types that helps prevent affections due to different skin imbalances that goes beyond trends.


Angela Tejedera

Cosmetologist/Dietician/Technical Trainer Maystar Group