Calendario de Adviento by Joaquín Verdú

Advent Calendar by Joaquin Verdu

24 days where you're going to be able to watch day by day how you're going to beautify and take care of you to shine at these parties. Look for an ...

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Primeros retoques

First retouching

The quality of the skin depends on many factors. Genetics, how you take care of yourself, what you eat, what cosmetic you use, the exercise you do,...

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Los factores de crecimiento epidérmico

Epidermal growth factors

The epidermal growth factors are a set of proteins present in the platelets of our blood and play a role fundamental in regeneration processes and ...

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Recetas Antiarrugas

Anti-wrinkle recipes

Fight against age is no longer a problem. In Maystar we believe that beauty is eternal. We can a lot since our diet. Ingredients that should n...

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Cuida tus pies

Take care of your feet

They support our body, take us to the places, they wear our favorite sandals, they make us feel tickle, look our nails plus chic ..... and they...

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Barriga plana

Flat belly

The belly is one of the most vulnerable areas to the appearance of flaccidity, accumulation of grease, gases or fluid retention. A flat abdomen...

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Cuidado de los muslos

Thigh care

Thighs are one of the favorite places for fat. Mini skirt, cigarettes, shorts, bikini, sexy beach skirt. You can't miss putting on those dirty ...

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Pieles Atópicas

Atopic skins

Atopic skin is extremely sensitive and reactive. It is characterized by redness and dryness, which produces a desperate itch. Secrets Vital Bea...

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La celulitis


Cellulite is installed or not. Remember that there is a strong hormonal factor involved and it does not matter if you are full or thin. But no d...

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Although they have their function as nature says, to create protection for pregnancy, we would prefer that they did not exist. They go with fem...

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