Either because we spend many hours standing or many hours sitting, our circulatory system suffers and takes its toll on the health of our legs.

An unbalanced diet, a sedentary life, not ingesting enough water, hormonal imbalances ... are some of the aspects that worsen our circulation.

As we can easily improve our circulatory system:

Ways to improve blood circulation:

Exercise to activate the circulation, whether to go by bike, walk, swim or simply exercise a pedaling on the ground.

Whenever you spend a long time, try to get up every 30 minutes, walk and stretch your legs.

Try to walk on tiptoe, to exercise the twin.

Sleeping with your legs a bit high, it will facilitate the return circulation.

Finish showers with cold or temperate water, from the most distal part of the heart, right foot and gradually climbing the rest of the body.

Carry out daily massages with a specific circulatory cream to improve it.

Perform pre -otherapy treatments in your beauty center, as well as specific treatments for it. From Maystar we advise our body treatments, highlighting the cold gel and the algae wraps of the Sensory Nature line, you will notice a before and after in your legs.

Maintain a balanced diet, free of saturated fats and sugars, increasing fiber consumption.

Avoid salt in excess.

Do not forget to drink water to avoid fluid retention, avoid soft drinks.

Include in your diet, drainage and circulatory infusions, as well as dark color fruits, blueberries, black grapes ... which are beneficial for blood circulation.

And above all, keep the illusion in small things, celebrating small achievements to be able to improve at all levels.


Angela Tejedera