Prepare your skin for the perfect makeup

Prepara tu piel para el maquillaje perfecto

Marked dates arrive, Christmas enters the big gate welcoming events and meetings with family and friends.

A time full of magic where our inner child flourishes and also a time when we take out our best galas to celebrate the feasts with illusion.

Sure you're already posing to put you at that dinner, like makeup art ...

From Maystar we want to give you the keys to make a makeup that combines with all the looks you choose.

To make the makeup perfect we must have perfect skin, for this you can find endless professional treatments in our Maystar salons and of course rituals at home that will make them stay in time.


Rituals at home that will fill your skin with health and beauty:

  • Clean the skin day and night with a product that will meet the needs of your skin, tones with a haze to balance PH, if tests the line Hydrovect will love you, in addition to getting the toning functions you will give you oxygenation and will wrap you in a sweet and fresh aroma.
  • If you have a normal or mixed skin we advise you to make a scrub once a week, and if you have dry or sensitive skin you can lengthen it every ten days.

In our Essential line you can find the vitamin C scrub, where with clean skin we will apply it in the form of circular maneuvers for at least 5 minutes, to get the dead cells removed and leave a skin free of impurities, clean and ready to absorb the active principles of later treatments.

  • From Maystar we propose to enjoy and enjoy your skin of a weekly mask, the best options in our line Starmask. Where you will find 7 masks associated with the lunar phases, where each one will contribute the different needs that are presented in the skin according to the cycle you are living.
  • Prepare your skin for makeup with a good stimulating massage with biorex lifitng serum from our Synergy lift line, our favorite micro emulsion that you fall in love with all the skins that prove it. Make it founds with your skin in a harmonious way through ascending massages. Your skin will be firm, more hydrated and juicy, ready to apply the special makeup you've prepared for the occasion.
  • One of the tips that we always recommend is that you carry in your bag the mist Essential oxygen mist from the line Hydrovect. It will help you fix your makeup and be able to recompose it as you spend the hours getting it.

If you are constant and faithful to your daily rituals in your skin it will manifest quickly.

It shines every day, because every day is special.


Angela Tejedera

Maystar Group's cosmetologist/dietitian