How stress affects skin

Whenever we talk about the skin, we define it as the biggest organ we have and the one that is cool for everything that happens to us.

We must only analyze the status of our skin to know what is happening in our body.

If we analyze the stress connection with the health of our skin, we will notice that we should not normalize that state of tension and fatigue suffered by the vast majority of the population, so directly affects the health of our entire body.

Stress weakens our immune system and makes us more sensitive to suffering of conditions that manifest in the skin such as irritations, eccema. As well as increasing bacterial proliferations, accelerating and enhancing acne outbreaks and worsening the health of our skin.

Getting balance does not seem easy in the world in which we live, in it that pressure and daily overload is the order of the day.

Before it becomes a problem for our welfare and health status we must ally with different formulas that will help us achieve balance.

We can benefit from techniques such as yoga, Pilates ... that help us exercise body and mind clearing our minds of all the overload we carry.

A technique that can help us to face the day to day is meditation, to be able to meditate before the day will make us visualize the important and most prominent points than we are going to do, giving the position of importance to each activity. As well as doing it at the end of the day, thanking for everything lived and also accepting what has not been reached.

Walking through nature is always a tool for disconnection and approach to the awareness of who we are. Spend moments with our pets, read, relate to a good environment that influences us positively.

In high times of stress help us with food supplements that help us increase our immune system and be stronger to what we are living.


Skin tips

We know that stress will subtract lightness, juiciness, hydration, as well as lower our defenses leaving our skin opaque and accelerating our aging process.

According to your symptomatology from Maystar we recommend you:

-Cné barbe: Your ally will be the Oil Balance line, to balance and purify your skin getting clean skin and avoiding bacterial proliferations.

-Deshydration, eccema: the most sensitized skins must be treated with epidermal growth factors to manage, repair and recover the skin, in our Optimal Renewal line you will find the solution. As well as increasing defense capacity with a 10 -day cure in the hands of the Boosters line of Maystar, Starbio.

-Piel opaque without light: For those fatigued and lightless skin, the vitamin C expression line will help us revitalize the skin, increasing the luminosity and avoiding the acceleration of oxidative chains. As well as the 10 -day priests of our Booster line, Starvital. Vitamin and vitamin complex that will help us avoid cellular oxidation and get a juicy skin instantly.

If you doubt what treatment would be ideal for you, approach your nearest Maystar center and professionals will analyze your skin recommending the specific treatment that best suits your needs.

If we learn to manage stress, we are learning to gain health.




Angela Tejedera