Boost your skin's defenses

Aumenta las defensas de tu piel

With the change of season we change our diet and we also change supplements thinking about increasing our defenses against the possible climatic changes that we are going to experience, thus helping our body to be stronger and prepared for the change of external agents that will surround us.


But have you ever considered increasing the defenses of the largest organ we have?

Well, at Maystar we encourage you to do it, and we explain how.

If we add the increase in oxidizing agents that we have accumulated from the summer season plus the change in temperature where we reduce the water level, our skin could be greatly affected.

Knowing where we come from and where we are going, it is easier to care for it and prevent further side effects.

When we arrive from long sun exposure our skin is dull and lacks luminosity, which is why during this time the most popular star treatments are the antioxidant lines, Cellular expression Vit C, caviar therapy and vitamin cocktails that we can find in our line of boosters like starlight and starvital.

But if we also want to help it be healthier, hydrated and vital, we must go to the origin of the care, to the most basic thing that we sometimes forget, to the balance of the microbiota that we have on our skin.

As you know, our skin is full of microorganisms, bacteria... that help us protect ourselves from the external environment, but sometimes, a microbiota where harmful microorganisms proliferate instead of beneficial ones, can play tricks on us.


How to achieve balance?

At Maystar we recommend a 10-day cure of probiotic and lactic acid concentrates, to recover damaged skin and achieve the desired balance.

You can find Starbio in a box of 10 ampoules, each of them can be used twice, half in the morning and the other half at night since it includes a dosing cap. We will always apply it with clean and dry skin, being the first product after cleansing that our skin absorbs. Next, we will apply our usual treatment.

It is very important to do the intensive treatment for 10 consecutive days and not stop the treatment in order to observe the real benefits acquired after the treatment.

Our skin will increase its defense capacity and will be prepared to fight against the external agents that await us this season.


Angela Tejedera