Stop pigmentations


Despite being very aware of the care of our skin to avoid those dreaded pigmentations, there are times to escape our hands and we don't know how to alleviate them.

Before the discovery of a stain on our skin, the first step will be to recognize the origin of its manifestation and thus be able to give it the correct and specific solution.

What are the main causes?

As we know a stain is a hyper pigmentation, an injury that manifests itself with change of color in our skin. Different causes are those that increase the stimulus of melanin creating those dreaded spots.

Between the causes we can find:

A prolonged exposure to the sun, either for exceeding exposure time or using an inappropriate product that has not adapted to the needs of our skin.

These spots are more likely after 40 years, although they are manifested at earlier ages.

Another cause is hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause ...

Allergies, whether food reactions such as chemical products, such as perfumes, makeup ...

Pollution spots are also known, hence the importance of performing détox treatments in our skin, to be able to eliminate heavy metals.

As well as different dysfunctions in melanocytes, or simply stains for age.

Once we have discovered that we have that stain, we will get to work.

Solutions to alleviate stains:

From Maystar we recommend the Whittening Care line, one of the specific lines to treat spots.

Thanks to Kojic acid and mandarin Satsuma, main assets of the formula, we managed to inhibit tyrosinase and stop melanogenesis, bleaching hyperpigmented areas.

Thanks to the presence of AHA´s in the formula, we achieved an intensive renewal of the surface layers of the skin, achieving lighter and more uniform skin.

If your problem is the spots, the cabin ritual will leave your skin prepared and reset to continue at home with the daily ritual. Thanks to the combination of both treatments we will get the spots.

How to enhance the ritual at home?

The specific ritual of the Whittening Care line consists of an intensive depigmenting serum, a large spots corrector, very light and founding that does not leave us oily residue.

We must apply it tomorrow and night with the skin totally clean and dry.

As well as the depigmenting cream with sun protection 50, which will help us to hydrate, protect and renew the skin tone.

We will apply it in the morning with clean and dry skin through an ascending massage, after the absorption of the serum.

If you need to strengthen the treatment, you can incorporate every night Starlight, the Illuminating Booster of the Maystar Starboost line. Rich concentrates that become jewels in our skin.

And of course we will avoid sun exposure, we will not forget hydration and maintain healthy and balanced eating with all necessary macronutrients and micronutrients.

Given the manifestations of irregularities in the color of the skin, we must be alert and make ourselves with the most indicated solution that the professional always gives us.



Angela Tejedera