Recover the face of the face

Recupera la luz del rostro

Today we want to talk about the most famous antioxidant in the world of cosmetics, the one that helps us fight the effects of aging, as we all know the famous vitamin C.

We know that vitamin C We do not synthesize it and need to acquire it externally. It is necessary to synthesize collagen which makes it an excellent preventive of premature aging.

One of the best known characteristics is its great illuminating power, which helps us the most opaque skins to recover.

 Ideal to achieve that activation of energy in devitalized skin. At the same time its moisturizing power helps us keep it healthy and juicy contributing elasticity and tonicity.

And if it is little, it helps us progressively erase the small hyperpigmentations that by different origins manifest in our skin.

Cellular Expression Vitamin C, it is the line that maystar formula to help repair, provide light, elasticity and firmness to the most dehydrated, devitalized skins, stained skins or with obvious damage caused by ultraviolets.

In our daily ritual we can incorporate the Illuminating Serum, a concentrated emulsion of pure vitamin C that will be the first step in applying with ascending maneuvers, after the usual hygiene.

To later massage the revitalizing lighting cream, which will help us to nurture and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

But if we want to get an extra luminosity and hydration, we recommend the Illuminating Mousse mask, an ultra -meter mousse that makes the most dehydrated skins delicious.

A secret of professionals, is to apply it as a night mask.

We already know that at night there is the highest point of cell regeneration, so, if we take the opportunity to apply a thin layer on face and neck, you will get up the next day with a spectacular skin.

So if you have identified yourself with any of these needs, do not hesitate to test the line.

Give your skin a chute of energy by providing greater luminosity and juiciness.

Angela Tejedera /Cosmetologist /Dietitian