Beautiful feet all year

Luce unos pies bonitos todo el año

Summer is the time of the year where we wore the feet more, the sandals return and the feet become protagonists, but we should not forget to take care of them throughout the year.

To do this, going to our beauty center is essential to keep our nails well cut, files and for the most presumed enameled.

But there are basic care that we must take into account so that our feet look pretty all year.

Tips to wear beautiful feet:

1. Exfolia your feet

Daily cleaning is essential, but if we add one or two weekly exfoliations to our feet, we will soften the hardness areas and that our feet are free of dead cells, leaving very soft skin.

On the line Essential Body by Maystar, You will find the former energizing exfoliating with pumice stone. A mechanical exfoliant, which thanks to its small particles we can work on the area of ​​the skin that interests us, based on circular massages, is advised at least five minutes per zone, after rinse with warm water. Your skin will be free of dead, soft and permeable cells to absorb the cream assets that we use later.

2. Massage your feet daily

Think that the feet are those that support us daily, if we get used to each night to make a self -driving, we will improve the circulation and thus avoid their swelling or improve it in case it exists. It will help us relax to cool them in addition to keeping them hydrated. If you test it one night, it will become a habit that you will not want to miss.

  1. Hydrates your feet

Do not forget to hydrate your feet daily, after the shower, dry all your foot, insisting between the fingers, so that there is no moisture.

Put some cream in your hands, heat the emulsion between your hands and apply by gentle massage, insisting on the most rebellious areas.

 From Maystar we advise you from the line Essential Body, body moisturizing emulsion, a soft and light emulsion that will help you keep your feet hydrated, soft and healthy.

  1. Choose comfortable footwear

Choosing good footwear is the best way to take care of your feet, opt for not very narrow footwear, breathable materials, not abuse much heel and above all choose the right size to avoid chafing.

  1. Cut your nails correctly

It is recommended not to cut them much or leave them very long, the intermediate point is correct, as well as cut them straight to prevent the nail from being incarnated. If you don't have much trace, you can always go to your beauty center that will leave you perfect.

The feet include that connection with the "Mother Earth" connect us to it. In them we find all our organs, Podal reflexology is a technique that helps us recognize the different responses in different planes, both body, mental and even spiritual.

So through your analysis we can discover many things about ourselves.

So I invite you to pamper them, you will see how you increase your general well -being.

Angela Tejedera