Does sugar age?

¿El azúcar envejece?

During these years we have become very aware of the damage that abuse of sun exposure, tobacco use can cause to our skin... But Are we aware of how sugar affects us in our skin?

Food is one of the most important pillars for our health, hence the great phrase "we are what we eat" and all the studies point to how refined sugars and saturated fats contribute to increased oxidation, dehydration and as a consequence to premature aging of the skin.

Sugar causes a chemical reaction called glycation in the face of excess glucose, promoting deterioration at the cellular level, damaging the structure of the skin, causing the rigidity of collagen and elastin fibers, thus losing firmness and elasticity. of the skin.

The negative consequences of sugar are too many to not pay attention to its consumption:

  • Reduces life expectancy.
  • Acidifies the body, making it more prone to different types of pathologies.
  • Inhibits the absorption of Calcium and Magnesium, helping to decalcify the bones.
  • Increases the proliferation of different pathogens.
  • The states of pain and inflammation are worsened.

The moment you eliminate sugar from your diet, your body will thank you and your skin will look different, more hydrated, luminous and with a higher defense capacity against external media.

Eliminate sweets, cakes, ultra-processed food... in short, avoid refined carbohydrates.

And pay attention to the labels of the products we buy, in them we will find the necessary information to know if there is hidden sugar. Be careful with packaged juices, sauces, ice creams…

Increase the consumption of antioxidant foods with high percentages of vitamin C, silicon….

This is not why we should give up flavor in our meals, but look for different alternatives such as cinnamon or vanilla that are not harmful to our body.

In cinnamon we find a great ally since it helps us regulate blood sugar levels.

A balanced diet with all the macronutrients and micronutrients necessary to perform physiological functions correctly will help us maintain the health of our body, making us feel better about ourselves.


Angela Tejedera