Celebrating Women's Day, established by the United Nations on March 8, fills us with contradictions.

On the one hand, we unite, we join in, and it fills us with pride to be where we are and to have achieved so much.
On the other hand, it saddens us that we still have to stop and celebrate. Because it should be a closed chapter. A page we have already turned.

Maystar Skincare has created a philosophy called Vital Beauty that aims to be an accelerator to the breaking of so many stigmas accumulated over the years.

In our raison d'être, skin care, we strive to break stereotypes. Beauty cannot be just another pressure. It must be an ally. One more agent of change. A contributor to your well-being, your enjoyment and delight. Not a reminder that you are older, that you have wrinkles, that you have dryness, that you have flaccidity.....

We work to be a kind Beauty, without condemnation. A beauty that contributes to your empowerment, because it reinforces the thought that every age is wonderful. That the passage of time contributes to your wealth. That you don't need to go back to your 20s to be beautiful. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And your own eyes should be kind and appreciate so many good things that you surely have.

We are not going to give you promises of eternal youth. Yes, youth has its "honey" and its virtues, and we have products to preserve it, yes, to take care and preserve its freshness, but we are not going to can it, nor are we going to numb the passage of time so that you believe that skins after 30 are sentenced to fight to stop the passage of time, to attack it with operations that "synthesize" and "standardize" an unreal beauty. Beauty is a state of the soul, it is an optimal conservation of the skin, it is having the best creams and treatments that you can afford, but NOT a stark struggle to walk backwards and against the current. A current that, by the way, if you walk it from serenity, from satisfaction and from delight, will become a long, beautiful and sunny walk towards true Beauty.

The skin is the largest organ of the whole body. And it has very high functions and responsibilities such as acting as a protection and barrier. It stops any attack from bacteria, sun rays, free radicals... That's why it needs help and rest. No more pressure or aggression.

We join Women's Day, with our campaign: Women's Day is everyone's business, because men are 50% of the population, and without them we will not succeed.

Because women are the mothers of all genders and as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, bosses or teachers they also have the task of projecting balance and equality. When it comes to matters of beauty, the strict standards and standards are partly our responsibility. Let's curb the men around us when they praise a perfect skin or a body or face 10. Let's not feed selfies, or photographic filters that sell artificial and exhausting beauty. And let's not be our own worst enemies.

At Maystar we have created a campaign to help break 3 of the stigmas that enslave and persecute us:

  • Sensitivity weakens us
  • Perfect beauty empowers us
  • Women get along poorly with each other

Throughout the month of March, entering into www.maystar.com you will find a beautiful promotion launched by the Sensitive brand, a line for all skin types and ages, loving, with a wonderfully comfortable texture and for your daily care and enjoyment. A make-up remover emulsion, a refreshing mist that acts as a toner, a moisturizer and a zero-invasive peeling. A health cure and a spa-like sensation for your skin. The Maystar group has created an action in which, if you buy a product, they give another one from you to the woman of your choice with a special dedication that you will write yourself and send it to her home for free.

Can you imagine the surprise? Can you imagine the joy? And best of all, do it with any of the products on the web until March 30. And do it to a woman who doesn't expect it... And don't let anyone say that women don't get along well with each other.

Happy Women's Day, and happy trails to your beauty and overall enjoyment. Youth is wonderful, but it is ephemeral, Beauty is eternal, without age, without race, without suffering. If your skin smiles with you, you have succeeded. There is no better beautifying effect. They will turn to look at you, they will ask you what you have put on.

I join #maystarvitalbeauty

Montse Escobar

Communication Director / MAYSTAR GROUP