The 100 secrets of eternal beauty

Secretos de la belleza eterna

Who wouldn't want to be beautiful forever? To feel light and proud of yourself every morning when you get dressed, every morning when you put on your makeup, every night when you take off your makeup, every bikini moment, every time you hit the scales... And so many moments when we put those hard scores on ourselves.

This question, therefore, has a unanimous answer: we all would like to. No matter the country, the age, the weight, the gender, the race. There are desires that unite us. There are universal desires. And who can please the entire universe?

If only there was a place, a guru, a guide who could tell us those secrets. It would be priceless. It would be our personal counselor, our bedside, our rest and vital rest.

But what is beauty, have you ever asked yourself that question? It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If only we were as subtle and benevolent with ourselves as those who love us most.

And if only there were no bad looks or bad words. We would avoid many of the great problems of self-esteem that exist.

Trifles at first glance, such as "you have more pimples", "you've put on a little weight", "it's time for a touch-up", "your facial oval has sagged", "what a shame you have those bags under your eyes", "cellulite doesn't go away, accept it", "there are creams for that", "with this product you'll look ten years younger"...".... Ten years younger? is it a bad thing to get older? can't I live the age I am with absolute splendor and beauty? No, it seems not. It seems that I have to go back to another decade, or look like someone else to be more beautiful, because "I'm not worth it".

Beauty is not just adornment, it is not superficial. Beauty is a state in which body and mind converge. It is not only the skin, but feeling good. After all, beauty is subjective. And there is nothing more beautiful than anything else. There is absolute beauty if that is the energy that is given off. Or ugliness in aesthetic perfection if it is imbued with complexes and anxiety. Have you ever heard that she's a pretty ugly? O "she's pretty but she's very cold"?, o "she doesn't transmit anything"., o "he doesn't laugh so as not to wrinkle"., o "he has no expression on his face"..

Beauty is something else. Those people who are the center of attention. Those people who turn your head as they pass by. Expressions like "she's got something to like", or "she's got the handsome up", or "she's super attractive", or "she's got angel", or "she's a neat looking person".

All are expressions that reflect what is called the sublimation of inner beauty.

There is a kind of light in people who feel good. There is a halo of attraction where we all want to be. Beings who have the gift of charisma and attractiveness. The elegance, the class. That healthy, fresh look.

And that is not achieved only with cosmetics, not only with diet, not only with expensive and aggressive treatments.

If the strict canons of beauty and slimness extreme the self-demanding coming to generate young people with eating disorders, the same can happen with an attitude of perfection and eternal youth impossible to achieve coming to create slaves of the physical. This can lead to the creation of faces or bodies close to ridicule.

Aesthetic and plastic surgeries increase and start at younger ages. The downloading of selfie applications to make faces into artificial avatars is increasing. The tensor threads in young people to have Foxy eyes effect.

All this makes you lose the security of who you really are. Girls who believe that if they don't use one filter or another in the networks they won't be meeting the quality standards of a beauty that is becoming more and more synthetic and that is rewarded with more and more followers.

We should live beauty as an element of enjoyment and health and not of suffering and exhaustion. As an ally to that call to be the best you can be at every stage of your life.

At Maystar we have made a deep reflection of this whole movement.

And it has led us to defend a mission that abandons a new commitment to our values of quality, yes, but also of honesty and health: Youth is ephemeral, Beauty is eternal..

Eating well, sleeping, relaxing, smiling, exercising regularly, drinking water, having healthy relationships, dressing in style, culture and using the best products you can afford, with masterful and true formulas... These are tips and advice that we have been given.

But there was no place where in an easy, summarized and sincere way all these tips are summarized.

Now there is:

Maystar Skincare has created the 100 SECRETS OF ETERNAL BEAUTYin a free digital downloadable guide to thank you for your loyalty and for choosing us as a responsible brand.

We talked to cosmetologists, dermatologists, biologists, naturopaths, estheticians, mindfulness experts, personal trainers, stylists, image consultants, nutritionists, psychologists. We asked them what they believe are the secrets of true beauty. The one that transcends, the one that lasts even if the years go by, the one that improves if it fits in with the age it represents. The one that feels comfortable in your skin.

OBJETIVO BIENESTAR magazine has awarded us the First Prize in Responsible Beauty Initiative in its 2020 edition.

We want to give you the possibility to experience beauty in a different way. We want what has always felt as enslaving to become a mechanism of liberation, relaxation, enjoyment and another type of empowerment.

We put at your disposal our 36 years of experience through our master formulas and international Best Sellers, to give the best treatment to your skin and to make the women of the world treat themselves as well as possible through their enjoyment and appreciation of their virtues and not defects.

Live, smile and be the best you can be, starting from how you are right now and from now on: Eternally Beautiful.