Vital Beauty: Our values and commitment

Vital Beauty: Nuestros valores y compromiso
Faced with the daily frenzy imposed by certain cities and jobs, we are witnessing a generalized tendency to slow down routines in the search for well-being. By establishing calm in our rhythm of life, consumption, nutrition and even in our interpersonal relationships, this trend has also reached our way of understanding beauty. At Maystar we want to give you the possibility of experiencing beauty in a different way. We want what has always felt as enslaving to become a mechanism of liberation, empowerment and relaxation. Beauty is not only adornment, it is not superficial. Beauty is a state in which body and mind converge. It is not only the skin, but the touch. This reinvention of what beauty means not only implies a change in mentality and routines, but also in the type of products that will accompany the process. Quality, well-being and care are the new maxims of beauty essentials. How do you create that beauty experience in your routine? Start by tasting your cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating moments. Feel the textures, perceive the fragrances, observe the evolution of your face and skin. Live your moment beauty as an oasis in the frenetic daily rhythm. At Maystar we offer you our more than 35 years of experience with components designed to give the best treatment to your skin. Essential products and specific beauty protocols that help to create in our clients a beauty formula based on corporal and mental well-being and intense skin care. Our vital beauty values are to help you find the right product for every moment, for every skin type, for every type of person. To accompany you at every stage of your life to help you create your personalized beauty experience. Maystar Skincare is based on five fundamental values:
  • Natural. Active ingredients of 100% natural and cruelty free origin. Honest and transparent. Cosmetics without artifices.
  • Selective. It's not just about the product, but about creating a lifestyle, for all women who share a passion for beauty rituals around the world.
  • Innovative. Cutting-edge formulas, concepts, protocols and technology provided by Maystar Lab.
  • Expertise. We have the best professionals in cosmetology, dermatology, dermocosmetics and biology.
  • Vital. We're passionate about what we do, who we do it with and doing it for you. And we're excited to be transforming the cosmetic treatment industry.
  1. We focus on expertise to help you look your best, every time.
  2. We put ourselves in your skin at every stage of your life. We give your skin what it needs according to the time.
  3. We look for what unites all women, not what separates us.
  4. Cosmetics is a tool through which to create a vital beauty experience.
  5. We constantly innovate in order to develop new masterful and unique formulas.
  6. We are and always will be Cruelty free and Sustainability lovers.
  7. Top Quality, Honest Cost.
  8. We care and train our professionals not only technically, but also in a personal feeling that fits our brand values.
  9. We champion female empowerment by contributing our grain of sand in the care of your skin.
  10. We offer premium professional beauty solutions.
We raise our flag: Youth is ephemeral, but Beauty is eternal. WELCOME TO VITAL BEAUTY