Sun Protection for Hair and Skin Post COVID

Protección Solar en Cabello y Piel Post COVID
The song of the summer, the beers with colleagues by the sea or on the terraces, the first suspenders and the first sandals. Skirts and shorts... and .... The first days of June you know that you are about to expose yourself openly to the sun, and you are looking forward to it! And this year, the post-Covid moment is more than ever! But beware, this year because so many days of confinement and neither the skin nor the hair are ready to face the new raging UVA rays. There are days left for the night of San Juan, where we celebrate the summer solstice. The first night where light is celebrated, the longest day of the year. It dawns earlier and gets dark later. The time to show off skin and hair free of hats, scarves, coats and hopefully soon masks, and if not, all the more reason to avoid marks on your face... Do not hesitate. Start now. It is true that throughout the year we should consider protecting ourselves and take care of the sun, because when you uncover is when you see if you have done your homework well or not. Take this little check-up to know what your score is:
  • Do you have dehydrated skin despite putting on a daily emulsion?
  • Do you have any skin blemishes?
  • Any moles or pigment more intense than usual?
  • Dry hair?
  • Wrinkled neckline?
  • Dry expression lines?
  • Brittle hair?
  • Greenish blondes?
  • Split ends?
We hope that NO, is the maximum of your answers because if you start with those epidermal symptoms you have to get to work. Start the countdown. The sun's rays are getting stronger and appear at earlier hours. Did you know that Spain is one of the places where there is more radiation in the world? The skin is the largest organ of the body. In fact it covers everything. And hair is a by-product of it. If you are still wondering why we are so insistent that you take care of your hair and skin, we will tell you that they are responsible for : Protection, Thermoregulation, Sensory perception... The beautiful face of sunbathing: You are happier, more positive and with 10 minutes a day you have more than enough to get your Vitamin D intake. The ugly face: It is a reality that the sun ages and that the sun in excess makes you sick: skin cancer, spots, burned retinas... does it seem too little to start and do it with maximum care? Protection is a must and if you also want to care for and beautify your skin you have complete lines for it. Don't go too crazy. There are companies specialized in skin and hair that dedicate all their R+D+I departments to achieve perfect formulas to balance and heal skin and hair. With a plus: BEAUTIFY WHILE PROTECTING. Introducing: Sun Supreme/Sun System by Maystar. SUN SUPREME FOR THE FACE: Price, professional quality, anti-aging treatment, comfort and cabin product formulations now on our website within everyone's reach. The Sun Supreme line consists of 3 products. Two with specific anti-aging active ingredients for all skin types. Formats and textures:
  • Sun Supreme SPF 50, in Airless format (antiseptic and maximum hygiene to protect the product from possible contaminating agents) of 50 ml. With a touch of healthy color and cream texture.
RRP: 35,95 €.
  • Sun Supreme SPF 30, in the same airless format as the previous one, 50 ml with a fluid texture and optimal absorption for combination and oily skin.RRP: 35,95 €.
Active ingredients:
  • Blackcurrant Seed oil: High level of w-3 and w-6 acids. Linoleic acid contributes to the formation of ceramides, responsible for keeping skin barriers intact.
  • Balloon Vine Extract: Tropical plant rich in phytosterols, flavonoids, saponins and tannins. With great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.
  • Sunflower Oil Concentrate: Phytosterols, tocopherol and a vitamin cocktail. Rich in essential fatty acids. To maintain a stable epidermal barrier.
  • Butterbur Extract: Paraben-free natural antihistamine that acts as a soothing agent. Protects, softens and prevents premature aging.
Daily care and moisturizing:
  • Sun Supreme SPF 50 Daily Protection 50 mla fresh, light emulsion to block UVA and UVB rays that also contains a pool of ultra-moisturizing agents. In tube format to carry in your handbag, and make a return to gyms, solariums, beaches, swimming pools and terraces with healthy sun protection.
RRP: 11,95 €. Benefits: Repairs // Protects // Anti-aging // Before make-up High sun protection // Softens // Moisturizes // Moisturizes And now let's get to the damage that the sun causes to your hair.
  • Premature aging: Just like your skin, your scalp can also age prematurely if you don't protect it properly from the sun.
  • Watch out for fine hair! They suffer the most, as they are the most sensitive. If this is your hair type, protect it with special care.
  • It weakens: When the scalp burns, stains are created and this makes the hair more vulnerable.Consequences? You may notice that your hair falls out and loses density.
  • Dryness and frizziness: Frizziness is a symptom of dehydration, malnutrition or dryness. The hair becomes untamable.
  • Loss of color: Especially in light and color-treated hair, you may notice that your color disappears or changes as the days go by. It loses shine, loses body.
The sun's rays, especially ultraviolet rays, penetrate the cuticle (the lining of the hair) and weaken the hair follicles (the concavity under the skin in which each hair grows). This leads to dehydration that changes its structure. "Hair needs 15 to 17% water to stay hydrated. Lightning damages the hydrolipidic layer, cracking the hair and leaving it dry and coarse". The sun that we receive at the beach is more damaging to the hair than that of the city or the mountains, because it adds to other factors such as saltpetre, which has a magnifying effect and attracts the sun's rays; the wind drags particles that produce greater dryness; and the marine minerals in the sand produce oxidation and a progressive destruction of the hair. And in the swimming pool, chlorine can affect coloring and the structure of the hair fiber. Apply a sun oil once a week. and leave it on overnight. It will strengthen the hair and make it more resistant to sun exposure the next morning. Beware of foams, gels, waxes or styling pomades containing alcohol. This dries out the scalp, causing frizz, dandruff and even hair loss. At this time of the year, it is preferable to use organic products such as Eva Jazz hairspray. And the hair dryer if and as long as a thermal protector is applied beforehand.. The latter is ESSENTIAL. If we add the heat of the sun to the heat of this tool, the hair is in danger of getting scorched. SUN SYSTEM FOR HAIR Natural ingredients, fresh textures and high protection to enjoy the sun again with the best hair care. The new normal is here to stay. And it starts with a spring that promises an intense summer. The first walks after confinement call for preparation and high protection for hair that has been deprived of fresh air and the sun's rays. More than ever it needs protection and treatment. Natural ingredients, protected packaging and dispenser. for maximum product hygiene and ease of application, and the best formulas that protect and treat the hair make this Solar line a must-have for the desired return to normality, sun and outdoor life. Sun System E line The E - Line Sun line presents 3 products with the following active ingredients: MACADAMIA NUT OIL and MACADAMIA NUT EXTRACT This extract in its maximum purity acts as an anti-aging agent fighting against cell oxidation and promoting hair health. It moisturizes and strengthens rough, dry, frizzy and straight hair (frizz effect). ALOE VERA EXTRACT Great softening power, hair care and pampering. Gives extraordinary shine and suppleness. It is a great ally for cell regeneration. Healing and toning, which, when applied regularly, prevents hair aging. Deeply moisturizes the scalp. UVA-B FILTERS High protection against sunlight and free radicals responsible for the aging and deterioration of the hair fiber. Eva - Lab In Eva - Lab, the R&D department of the century-old company recognized worldwide for its multiple and specific hair care solutions, a harmonious blend and effective proportion of these ingredients has been achieved in their maximum purity, extraction system and correct proportion, to obtain a new master formula for hair treatment. With the guarantee of treatments in the best hairdressing and beauty salons, you can now get e-line sun , in the e-commerce of the brand: And enjoy healthy, protected hair, with the best techniques and professional treatments. The line consists of 3 products: SUN PROTECTION OIL Protective oil for hair exposed to the sun. 100 ml. Spray before and during sun exposure. A mist-like scent and texture. A convenient and hygienic format. SUN WASH Ideal for hair and body. In 300 ml format. Deeply eliminates salt, chlorine and suntan lotion residues. Provides hydration and repair, leaving a sensation of extreme well-being. Clean texture, soft scent with memories of summer, sun, vacations and good weather. SUN TREATMENT Hair restructuring mask. In 300 ml format. Repairs the hair fiber, giving it extraordinary shine. Detangles, moisturizes and protects. And to finish, follow these tips to come out beautiful, graceful and protected and enjoy the beauty and light of summer:
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat diuretic fruits such as melon, pineapple or watermelon.
  • It is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun especially in the middle of the day, as UV rays are strongest during these hours. This is especially important
  • It is important that we know to choose the right protection factor. Applying sunscreen during the day is mandatory, but doing so when we are going to be exposed to the sun's rays is MANDATORY.
  • We must not overdo it with the time we spend in the sun. This can be easily calculated by multiplying the natural protection time of the skin by the factor of the cream. In other words. A clear skin is naturally protected for about 10 minutes, if we apply factor 15 cream the protection would last about 150 minutes. It is also important to apply sunscreen half an hour before sunbathing.
  • The best sunscreens sunscreens are those that arewith SPF label of 30 or higher and that are water-resistant, as they stay on our skin for longer, even if we bathe in summer.
  • Don't forget the sunglasses and appropriate clothing. to be protected, since it also influences what kind of clothes we wear. If the fabric is loose and tightly woven, we will be more protected. A hat will also help to protect the skin of the face from the sun's rays.The use of sunglasses, as well as UVA and UVB blockers that help protect the eyes from the sun, is essential. Fundamental.
And we close with a Maystar trick: those summer afternoons after the beach or pool, or those evenings when you are not going out...
  • Apply Sun Protection Oil liberally to the ends. Massage and reapply. Wash your hair with E.Line Sun System and apply Oh la la all night long. On your face while watching your favorite movie, you can apply a mega refreshing Hydrovect mask. The next morning, you'll be more glowing than the sun, but don't forget to keep doing your homework and enjoy the summer beautifully.