Father's Day is a good time to give him beauty and health, because dads also need to take care and pamper their skin.

"Males began to approach the world of cosmetics because of skin irritations when shaving."

"In cosmetics we found the answer to help slow down aging and keep the skin in good condition."

Father's Day is approaching and, first of all, we want to remind you that men also take care of themselvesand, fortunately for them, more and more every day. Some take care of themselves a lot and others a little, but men's interest in the world of cosmetics is increasing every day. Some began to try out of curiosity the products used by their wives and others are up to date with the latest developments in the sector.

The truth is that their skin, although its structure and functions are the same, It has a more acidic pH and is thicker and oilier, which makes it more resistant to the aggressions of the environment, the sun and pollution. But, on the other hand, if we add to this the continuous aggression of shaving, the skin is more resistant to the sun and pollution. that irritates, flakes and dehydrates, it obviously needs specific products for its treatment.

Maystar knows this and has therefore created a specific line for men and on the occasion of Father's Day. Maystar Skincare is launching a special promotion with 25% discount on the entire Hydrovect range.

This range consists of cream, serum and oxygenating mist. Three must-have products to give to your father, partner or even to share for their multipurpose benefits.

Its powerful purifying effect combats environmental stress and has a vital effect on the face: it restores cellular energy and overflows with vitality.

Among its many qualities:

  • Oxygenates the skin
  • Decongests the face
  • Great purifying effect
  • Provides intensive hydration
  • Powerful anti-stress effect
  • Prevents cellular aging
  • Restores skin's healthy and radiant appearance

The entire range is composed of hyaluronic acid, maritime chamomile, plankton extract which has a thalassotherapy effect (reduces muscle tension, provides a relaxing sensation and eliminates skin impurities).

Here are some testimonials from men who have already tried the Maystar Skincare treatment for men:

"Ideal for after shaving".Carlos.

"The Oxygenating Mist is perfect all day long: I carry it in the glove compartment of the car, in the locker at the gym and if you ride a motorcycle it protects and oxygenates from pollution", Albert.

"The ice effect cream is wonderful. My wife and I fight over it. It's in the fridge to enhance the result. And it disappears...", Luis.

"I have sensitive skin from shaving every day. So I'm a Serum stalwart"- Luis. Manu.

"I've been using the complete line for more than 5 years. In summer the Ice, and in winter the normal one. The Mist after sports is of note. The Serum in the morning and the night cream. I complete it with the caviar eye contour. Hydrovect is oxygenating and anti-pollution. I love it, Anselm.

"It was recommended to me by my esthetician, because my skin was very tired. I needed a shot of hydration and health, and I haven't changed since." Pedro.

Men started to approach the world of cosmetics because of skin irritations when shaving, but nowadays the need to take better care of themselves has grown because of an increasingly competitive working world, in which men are realizing that they have to maintain a young and healthy appearance, and that skin care has a lot to do with that.

Due to its thickness, it is less transparent and has a more open pore. And despite its differences with women's skin, it is not spared from the passage of time. Over the years, the skin ages, deep wrinkles appear, it loses elasticity and regenerative capacity, and it becomes drier and more fragile. For this reason, it is necessary to follow a beauty ritual that prevents them from the passage of time and the aggressions they suffer day by day, never better said, on their own skin.

Healthy skin is young skin. The healthier our skin is, the more attractive it will look, and in cosmetics we find the answer to help slow down aging and keep the skin in good condition.


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