Weekly routine to remove spots on the face

Rutina semanal para eliminar las manchas de la cara
Vircore C shares her passion for cosmetics explaining us her routine to remove blemishes, combining some of our products in a very easy and effective way. Thank you Vircore!

Treating blemishes

Removing blemishes or bringing light to the face is one of the most complicated things there is today, can it be achieved? It depends, but we can help to make things much better. The spots, depending on their origin, can be easily eliminated or maybe we can not achieve it but we can attenuate them and especially prevent them, that is very interesting.

Weekly routine to eliminate blemishes

I am going to show a small routine that I do, the constancy with these things are always fundamental.

Facial cleansing

Cleansing gel - facial cleansing Photo by @vircore
The main thing is to clean, if we are used to make up is essential because after removing makeup there may be traces of micellar water, biphasic, with a gel that is suitable for our skin type is more than enough, if, however, do not usually remove makeup, do the cotton test, when you get home pass a cotton soaked in tonic on the face, you'll be surprised! pollution, dust, dirt that we have in the air "sticks" to us, so do not forget, cleaning is essential, first to have a healthy skin and secondly so that what we do later has more effect. My skin is combination skin so this cleansing gel is great for me. On the website you can see in more detail everything it contains, but mainly, it contains thermal water to soothe and refresh the skin, tea tree and aloe verawhich are healing and help with inflammations, e.g. acne, it also contains salicylic acid which acts as an exfoliant, cleansing the pores and eliminating dead skin cells and azeloglycine which is antibacterial, to prevent acne. For me it is important that the gel cleanses, and also that it does not leave my skin feeling tight, in this case it does.
depigmenting mask - remove blemishes Photo by @vircore

Application of the depigmentation mask

Once the skin is clean, which we will do, let's not go crazy, in the morning and at night, if you have like me problems with spots, you have to look for products that help us, but always carefully. Whitening Care enzymatic depigmentation mask is a good option, I use it once a week, I could use it twice a week, but no more. Why is it important to exfoliate? so that the cellular renewal process is easier because dead cells have been eliminated, this mask does it in a chemical way, so while we let it act, the skin will be more easily removed. satsuma mandarin extractwhich is an excellent depigmenting agent, together with the kojic acid which has a whitening action helps the skin not to have an excessive production of melanin. vitamin C is present in this mask, it is a powerful antioxidant that helps to brighten the skin.

Brightening Treatment with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid

Once we have cleansed the skin we have to take advantage of the fact that it is receptive to treatment, and for that we have the vitamin C illuminating serum.
Illuminating serum - anti-spot serum Photo by @vircore
As I mentioned before, the vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, so it helps the skin to fight against free radicals, thus preventing premature aging, but also helps to brighten the skin, to have a better and more even tone, to have a better and more even skin tone, the African birch bark is also present because this serum has an added value, which helps to moisturize the skin, thus providing luminosity and hydration with a single product. The Bowellia serrata extract helps the skin to be soothed by its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to all of the above, it has hyaluronic acid which we already know is an important active ingredient in the routine to make the skin stay hydrated and beautiful, I always look for this active ingredient for dehydration, we can not forget that it also has among its ingredients vitamins A, E and F. This serum can be used both in the morning and at night, remember that success will be in the constancy. If it was in the morning I would finish my routine before going out with a sunscreen, we should never forget that, even if it is winter, if we are going to sleep, we would already be prepared. I hope you liked my routine.