Every day is Women's Day

Cada día es el Día de la Mujer
At Maystar Cosmética we believe that one day a year is not enough to celebrate "Women's Day". Women's day is every one of your days, for being a woman, for your perseverance, for your patience and tolerance and for your wise way of taking care of others in many occasions.

Take care of yourself

But you know, many times we forget that "being a woman" also means loving yourself, taking care of yourself and pampering yourself every day.. Besides, it is an excellent way to follow your feminine path in this so masculine world in which so many times it is difficult for us to combine our tasks, either in your times of motherhood, of small children, in your discomfort on your period days..., without a doubt the world is not in the hands of women because if they let us, we would move the world! so, you yourself must be aware to think about you and your basic care. And, to begin with, little by little you have to start with the task of putting a lot of love, but towards yourself, your face and your skinAt Maystar we know the fantastic results of our cosmetics and how important it is to be happy with yourself.

Daily cleansing

You must take care of your skin from an early age, bearing in mind that the skin's skin hydration is basic to prevent wrinkles and fundamental to protect your skin, that is why the use of moisturizing cosmetics is essential in your daily care. By now you probably already know which are the most suitable rituals for this daily care, but it is our duty to review them: The first thing will always be clean your skin well before applying any moisturizing product. No matter your age, the most important thing to always keep in mind is the degree of oiliness of your skin. If your skin is more oily it will be better to apply more soapy cosmetics such as the Cleansing Gel or light emulsions such as Matt Express Purifying Emulsion, very pleasant and gentle for the daily cleansing of your skin. And to remove make-up from the delicate eye and lip contour, you have at your disposal the Caviar Therapy Two-Phase Makeup Removerfor all skin types.

Let's talk about Moisturizing...

First of all, we advise you to read How to Moisturize the Skin? to learn more about this apparently simple subject. Young woman - Skin care 25 years old

If you are between 20 and 35 years old

If your skin has a tendency to be oily we recommend the application of a serum, such as the one from the line Hydrovect O2, Essential Oxygen Repair GelThis light-textured gel is ideal for day and night application. If you notice that your skin needs more hydration, you can apply the cream afterwards. Essential Oxygen Cream. This line is designed for tired or stressed skinIt has a high power of recovery and skin stimulation, as well as being very light and suitable for almost all skin types and ages. For this type of skin we can also recommend products with Vitamin C, Cellular Expression Vitamin Cis fabulous. You have a Illuminating Serum with 3% Vitamin C, we also recommend applying it in the morning and at night, always after cleansing. And if you notice a greater need for hydration, don't hesitate to treat yourself with the Revitalizing Illuminating Cream. It's a perfect duo. Be creative, put the two together, one in the morning and both at night. Find the perfect spot for your skin yourself. Rest assured, our professional-grade formulas are excellent and allow you to do just that. And if you have an important event or you want to try a treatment of intensive shock treatmenttry the Illuminating Mousse Mask. Apply it for seven consecutive nights, leaving it on all night and massaging gently in the mornings, you will see how after a week you will notice your skin much more luminous!

woman eye - skin care 30 years old

If you are between 35 and 45 years old

It's never too late to start using creams, so if you use them, continue with this plan to take care of yourself and if you don't, start as soon as possible! For this age group we have many other interesting options: We advise you combine products in the form of serums and creams. If your skin is drier and more prone to wrinkles, even if you are 35 you can use Optimal Renewalfor example, you can apply the Serumwith Epidermal Growth Factors, which are widely used nowadays with different applications, whether medical, medical-aesthetic or simply cosmetic. In our case the function is regenerate and moisturize your skin in a deep way, essential qualities in a moisturizing cosmetic. If you are closer to 35, we recommend the Optimal Renewal Serum in combination with your usual cream, but if you are in your 40s, combine the Optimal Renewal Serum with the Optimal Renewal Cream. Anti-Ageing Cream from the same line, you will be surprised by the results. One in the morning and the other at night or both at the same time, it is important that you never feel tightness or feel "too greasy", so customize them. Another line that you can also use if your skin tends to be greasy is Hydrovect O2We have already explained its properties, so do not discard it because of age, and we confess a secret...if your guy tries it, he will want it for him, hide it!!!!

Skin blemishes

Another aspect that we must take care of with care is the skin with a tendency to pigment, that is to say, prone to stainsFor this we recommend Whitening Care. This line includes a Intensive Depigmenting Serum and a Depigmenting Cream with sun protection factor 50If you have blemishes, it is very very important that you protect yourself from the sun every day of the year.

Lifting without surgery

And how can we not recommend our star line, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary in the market, Synergy Liftis exceptional for prevent and fight wrinkles. It is our Best Seller line! Here's why. Excellence Supreme Texture Eye Contour CreamYou'll love using it, it has a very pleasant texture and you can apply it on your eyes. also on the lipsremember that moisturizing your skin prevents wrinkles, we know that the area of the lips is very sensitive to wrinkles.crow's feet"If you take care of yourself from now on, you will avoid most of them and those that appear will look more cared for and less deep. And for facial moisturizing, we recommend two products from this line, Biorelax Lifting SerumBiorelax Lifting Serum, a light, comfortable and pleasant micro-emulsion to apply every night or during the day before make-up, because this line has a powerful illuminating lifting effectwhich will give a radiant look to your make-up. And in the morning we recommend Biorelax Lifting CreamBiorelax Lifting Cream, a light emulsion to be applied before your make-up. You can also apply both, first the serum and then the cream, we assure you they are a perfect duo!

female eye - skin care 45 years

If you are over 45

First of all, we want to congratulate you, because if you're over 45, you've probably taken care of your partner, children, friends, co-workers and family. So it's definitely time to treat yourself to some special care for yourself. Without a doubt, if you are one of those women who have done everything for others and have forgotten a little bit about yourself, as soon as you start taking care of yourself, your skin will quickly thank you for it. As always, we emphasize moisturizing, this is the simple way to take care of your skin, together with the sun protection protection. Start by trying our line Caviar Therapy, created for women who are already taking care of themselves or for those who are just starting out, because it's highly moisturizing and recovering skin recovery. You have a Firming SerumWith a texture that you will love, apply it in the morning and at night, always after your usual hygiene, with gentle pinching and massaging maneuvers from the inside out and upwards to enhance a lifting effect. Then in the same way apply the Revitalizing Firming Creama perfect combination for which there is no laziness. And now it is essential to have a eye contouris a must, as this is an area that tends to wrinkle more easily. Try Eye Contour Mask y Eye Contour Creamto turn the care of the delicate skin around the eyes into a ritual, with all your love and care. And back to our star line, Synergy Lift. We have already explained the line, but we would like to emphasize the following Biorelax Lifting SerumBiorelax Lifting Serum, light, but with a high concentration of active ingredients that, together with the application of a treatment cream, will enhance its results. Remember, Women's Day should be celebrated every day.. Don't forget about yourself, you are all "love and strength" with a great capacity to "give", apply it to your skin care. You have all our support and work for you to continue doing it...