Gift Ideas for your Dad

Ideas Regalo para tu Papá
Father's Day is approaching, the day of many of the men around us: our children's dad, our brother dad, our dad, and many other close dads. From Maystar Cosmética we want to make you the best suggestion for a nice gift of personal care that day, because they also take care of themselves and because teaching how to take care of yourself is teaching how to love yourself and in fact, that is our goal, to love yourselfa beautiful learning... father and son - father's day

Teach him to love himself

At Maystar we advocate skin care, so what better way than giving her a facial cosmetic? An original gift that will surely surprise her. In case you are not an expert in the field, perhaps at first you may not know how to do it, but this way you can also give him/her a a little bit of your time to explain to him Sharing is also a gift! How many men around you use cosmetics? Very few! We don't think it's practical to stuff them with creams, since most of them would get bored if they did the same routines as we do, but it would be nice to take advantage of the opportunity to initiate them. However, we have to admit that there are also real advanced users in the cosmetic field, who could surely give us lessons.

What can I give as a Father's Day gift?

To keep our skin looking healthy, it is not necessary to use a lot of cosmetics. And this concept is also very important for men. Let's keep in mind that three functions that cosmetics must fulfill are:
  • Clean
  • Moisturize
  • Protect
At Maystar Cosmética we have several products for use in the following products unisex very easy to apply and with very noticeable and fast results. We give you different options of daily use for an original gift.

Skin Cleansing Gift Ideas

Clean is the fundamental step for all skin types. It is ideal to do it in the morning and at night, regardless of the type of cosmetic we use. Anti-ageing Micellar Waterfrom the Optimal Renewal line, is a micellar water that is easy to apply: moisten a cotton pad with the product and wipe over the entire face without too much pressure, especially for those who do not use make-up. It is suitable for all skin types and ages, even the most sensitive, and we remind you that this line is formulated with Growth Factors, which act as epidermal regenerators. Sebo-balancing Cleansing Gelfrom the Oil Balance Care line, this cosmetic is perfect for men because it is very easy to apply. It is a soapy gel, preferably indicated for combination and oily skin and can be used in the shower with a very gentle massage, which makes it easy to use on men who are a little lazier in these matters. Moisturize and protect are concepts that go hand in hand, since a skin with an optimal degree of hydration ensures a protected skin barrier. We mean that when a skin suffers from dehydration, it is somehow more exposed, more vulnerable to external agents such as cold, heat, humidity, air conditioning, etc. Therefore, we consider that the concept of Cosmetic Moisturizing is fundamental, and it is also an easy way to prevent the formation of micro wrinklesand that deeper wrinkles, such as gestural wrinkles, are more cared for and less noticeable. Let's be clear that the proper use of creams helps a lot to minimize signs of agingBut time goes by anyway and our clear intention, as creators of cosmetics, is to help the natural aging of your skin to be healthier.

Gifts for Father's Day

Here is our wide range of moisturizing cosmetics. Hydrovect O2 Contains:
  • Essential Oxygen Repair Gelfrom the Hydrovect O2 line, this Serum is ideal for men because it meets several conditions suitable for them: it is in the form of gelfor men who do not like the feeling of "cream" on the face, and also has very interesting active ingredients for male skin, Placton Extract, like antioxidant and therefore anti-aging, Maritime Chamomile, with high regenerative and repairing power, in addition to Ribose as a moisturizing active ingredient; This makes it perfect and essential for after shaving.
  • Essential Oxygen Ice Cream / Creamalso from Hydrovect O2. An super light and fresh cream we recommend combining it with Essential Oxygen Gel. It is formulated with the same active ingredients as the gel, so if both are used, first the gel and then the cream, their effects are enhanced. You can also use one in the morning and one at night, or start the treatment both together and then separately. All options with this line are correct as they are very versatile products.
  • Essential Oxygen Mistanother very interesting product for men that we already know is very successful, from the same line. It is a highly refreshing and decongestant spray lotion for after shaving and above all very easy to apply.
Cellular Expression Vitamin C Contains:
  • Vitamin C Illuminating Serumfrom the Cellular Expression line, our line with ascorbic acid, more commonly known as Vitamin C, and with Hyaluronic Acid. Antioxidant in the form of a serum, ideal for men as it does not leave a greasy sensation on the face. This serum can be applied alone or together with the cream of the same line. We recommend, so that you are not "overwhelmed" with so many products, to apply the serum during the day and the cream at night, for example.
  • Revitalizing Illuminating Cream, also from Cellular Expression, combines perfectly with the Serum or can also be applied alone. Ideally, it should be applied with an energizing massage to stimulate the formation of the skin's support fibers.
Caviar Therapy Contains:
  • Firming Serum, of the Caviar Therapy line, with Caviar Extract and a set of regenerating and firming active ingredients, such as the Retinol. It also has Squalenewhich has a great occlusive power that prevents water loss from the skin. And finally, the much-loved Hyaluronic AcidHyaluronic Acid, with great moisturizing power due to its capacity to capture water. It is a line designed for older or more dehydrated skin and can be used together or separately, depending on the needs.
  • Revitalizing Firming Cream, This cosmetic is a cream, a little more unctuous than the Serum, and as in all our lines, it can be applied together with the Serum or separately.
You can see that we have thought of everything to help you with a different gift! Take care of him!