Flash Routine to be Perfect in just a few minutes

Rutina Flash para estar Perfecta en pocos minutos
Sonia Thurmanmom, blogger and learner of everything, but master of nothing, perfectly imperfect, as she defines herself, tells us her flash routine with Caviar Therapy Instant Beauty Flash Ampoules for those moments when you have to be perfect but don't have time... We love her attitude!!!

Sonia Thurman presents us her Flash Routine

We all have a thousand things to do...it's everyone's day to day life, right? And if we have to take care of work, home, kids...there's hardly any time left for us. Suddenly, you get a call and you have to go to a job interview for example...or you have an event and just that day has been crazy, you have slept badly and you have a bad face...you don't know what to wear...how to make up...it has happened to me! That's why today I'm going to give you some tips to be perfect in a moment and that no one notices your bad face and the little time you had. The first and most important thing is to stay calm. Take a deep breath, count to ten and think positive, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK!!!! A good attitude moves mountains, believe me.

Steps to a perfect Flash Routine

oil balance care makeup remover emulsionStep 1: Facial Cleansing

The first thing to do is to remove makeup from the skin, yes, as you read, you have to remove makeup even if you don't wear makeup! First of all the skin must always be clean to better receive the subsequent treatment. So we will start by using the Oil Balance make-up remover. We will apply a couple of applications on our hands, warm it up by rubbing them together so that it is at the same temperature as the skin and apply it on the face with a gentle massage in circles from the center of the face outwards. Then remove it with a damp towel or absorbent cotton. We already have a clean face! So let's proceed with the treatment.

instant beauty flash caviar therapy ampoulesStep 2: Instant Beauty Flash Ampoules

As we are talking about a special occasion where we need to be perfect we are going to use my great ally, a jewel that will provide hydration, luminosity, tightening effect and will also help us to regenerate our skin and leave us with an incredible feeling of comfort for almost all day. These are the ampoules Instant Beautyformulated with caviar extract and hyaluronic acid. Its use is quick and easy, just what we need. Empty the bottle into your hands, warm the product with them and apply it all over the face, neck and décolleté with light touches.

Step 3: Illuminating Cream with Vitamin Cilluminating cream with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid

Once the ampoule has been absorbed we apply our usual moisturizer. In my case, I always use and even more in these moments the revitalizing illuminating creamIt gives me the necessary hydration, illuminates, treats blemishes and first signs of aging and is also perfect as a pre-foundation, as it is not greasy and my skin accepts the make-up perfectly. It is also very versatile and can also be used for the eye contour, neck and décolleté, so we are saving time in the application of more products.

Step 4: Makeup!

Now we have the perfect skin to apply makeup! Now we just need to apply our favorite foundation, which I recommend in these cases to apply it with a sponge to make it even more luminous makeup if possible, a little concealer, mascara, a little blush in a very natural tone to give life to the face and a lip balm with a touch of color, and we are perfect to eat the world! If what you have is an event or an event where it is necessary to go more dressed up, I would not think about it and I would resort to my all-terrain makeup that never fails ... black eye liner and a red lipstick. A perfect and flattering combination for all!!! Now all that's left is to get out of the house and enjoy the day and the compliments we'll get when we look so radiant!